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A Declining Trend to Be Set in Suspicious Betting on Football

15 August 2019, 14:03
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Match-fixing is a big problem for bookmakers, which is why Starlizard Integrity Services, Stats Performs Integrity and TXODDS started their joint research on suspicious football matches.

A Declining Trend to Be Set in Suspicious Betting on Football

This research is carried out for the second year in a row in order to track the trends observed in the betting industry and provide the stakeholders with the current market situation’s overview.

According to the Suspicious Betting Trends in Global Football 2019 Report that reviewed more than 60 thousand football matches played in 115 countries all over the world over the past year, the number of suspicious games has decreased compared to the last year report (377 against 397). Taking into account the 14% rise in the number of reviewed matches, this result can be considered a successful one.

The report showed that the number of suspicious matches played by youth teams had decreased as well. There were 58 of them in 2018, which is four games fewer than the year earlier. The countries with lower league level have also demonstrated a downward trend regarding this issue.

According to the Head of Integrity Stats Perform the information obtained from the research will help international football community and sports betting operators to find the ways to combat match-fixing problem and provide a higher level of trust and competition between clubs, fans, and bookmakers.

As mentioned earlier, Puerto Rico has finally allowed sports betting operation, which is going to attract significant investments to the country.

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