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A Chinese Gaming Star Jian Zihao Retires at the Age of 23

5 June 2020, 12:46
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A player, who is very popular in the Chinese and world’s esports news, Jian Zihao, has announced that he is going to quit his gaming job. The reason for this decision is problems connected with his health.

A Chinese Gaming Star Jian Zihao Retires at the Age of 23

A bad physical and mental state made the esports star to withdraw from gaming and begin to pay more attention to his health. Jian has been a pro video game player since 2012. He chose League of Legends as his main direction in cybersport.

The player has diabetes caused by gaming addiction

China is fighting with the problem of gaming addiction, but the number of such players continues to grow every year. Jian Zihao also suffers from this problem that has significantly influenced his health and life in general. The gamer got type 2 diabetes caused by an unhealthy diet.

Jian tried to improve the situation and spend less time on gaming, but it didn’t help. He needs to take medicines and take care of his health more thoroughly. The player has admitted that, in addition to the physical disease, he also has mental health problems. That is why he has decided to retire and focus on his recovery. Zihao has informed his fans about his retirement on Weibo.

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