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850,000 Cryptojacking Bot Accounts Closed by French Police

29 August 2019, 11:58
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A massive botnet used for unauthorized cryptocurrency mining was shut down by the French law enforcement agencies.

850,000 Cryptojacking Bot Accounts Closed by French Police

According to BBC news, the botnet distributed via the internet by sending malware-contained emails was using about 850 thousand computers all over the world to mine Monero (XMR). Once viewed, these emails were releasing the Retadup virus, which infected devices by providing hackers with easy access to these computers. Thus, the criminals could use their processing power to generate cryptocurrency, as well as extort money and steal personal data.

The cybercrime unit’s chief, Jean-Dominique Nollet, emphasized that the botnet of such size could spread further and destabilize the whole planet. However, thanks to the French police’s timely action, this negative scenario has been prevented.

After the hackers’ main server was found in Paris, the French law enforcement together with the FBI were able to delete the virus from the infected computers. However, the criminals who have organized the botnet and made millions of dollars from this illegal activity starting from 2016 are still at large.

As mentioned earlier, Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is unlikely to be launched in 2020 due to regulatory challenges.

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