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53.5m Swiss Francs Brought in by Liechtenstein Casinos

3 October 2019, 18:23
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According to the Liechtenstein’s authorities, the country’s two casinos brought in together 53.5 million francs last year.

53.5m Swiss Francs Brought in by Liechtenstein Casinos

A larger part of the revenue was brought in by a casino based in Ruggell that is close to the Swiss border. The gambling establishment operated by Casino Admiral was opened in 2017. Another one is Casino Schaanwald Liechtenstein operated by Casinos Austria. It also began to work in 2017.

The authorities say that there can be many reasons to explain the high revenue brought by the casinos. The first one consists in these casinos’ abilities to attract a great deal of players from a large area. Besides, the country has entrepreneur-friendly regulations that enable the most developed GSA to be offered. According to the conducted surveys, the catchment area for the casinos in the country is considerably larger than it was expected.

Both casinos were inspected during the year and the results of these inspections turned to be quite positive. However, the authorities gave them some recommendations regarding employee documentation.

As for lottery revenue, the results were opposite. Its revenue declined to two million francs.

As mentioned earlier, Germany will hold Gambling Awareness Day in order to educate people about dangers concerning gambling.

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