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5.3% Turnover Tax is Approved

15 June 2021, 16:27
Votes: 3

As it has been announced in the latest news on gambling law, the iGaming tax bill for online slots and poker is now brought to the floor for a vote after the Bundestag’s finance committees’ approval. The second and third readings are going to take place later this month.

5.3% Turnover Tax is Approved

Antje Tillmann, the spokeswoman for the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), stated during the reading in the Bundestag that the standardised regulation aims to legalise virtual gambling and combat all kinds of problem gambling.  She also noted that taxation would take place even if the online casino runs illegally.

The German state Treaty will come into forth on the 1st of July, legalizing iGaming in Germany for the first time. It has already been ratified in 16 German states.

Even though experts suggest that the plenary vote won’t be more than a formality, the opposition from several European gambling associations can delay the planned market launch. Earlier this month, on the 1st of June, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has submitted a formal complaint about the German turnover tax. The Brussels-based organisation claims that a 5,3 per cent tax on the iGambling industry will put an excessive disadvantage on the virtual gambling establishments, thus violating the EU state aid rules. The German Sports Betting Association (Deutscher Sportwettenverband) has recently pulled out a similar complaint.

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