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5-Priority Plan by GC to Make UK's Gambling Sector Better

1 April 2021, 17:44
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The Gambling Commission (GC) came up with a renewed strategic vision of the UK's gambling sector's further development, based on five major directions. Login Casino follows the latest legislation news in gambling, shortly presenting the strategy.

5-Priority Plan by GC to Make UK's Gambling Sector Better

The British regulator says that now they will be focusing on five core areas that will dictate further legislative and regulatory actions. The strategy also includes a business plan for 2021-2022, which has been developed in cooperation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), while the sides also agree to work side-by-side.

Five strategic pillars

First of all, the Commission has made an emphasis on the protection of the specific social clusters, where children and vulnerable players are the main ones. In order to achieve this goal, GC promised to develop licensing conditions and codes of conduct to bring stronger regulation to the field.

The second point is to create a fairer market and increase the level of informing. This direction includes better information delivery to the players via the legalized platforms, which they use.

The third element of focus is to reduce criminal aspects in the gambling sector. GC has promised to bring stricter control over illegal gambling platforms, fight against laundering, and decrease the level of manipulation via integrity solutions.

The next item is tightly related to the National Lottery and its good causes as the core functioning direction. The regulator is going to improve the recent processing in the area and has promised to conduct a fair bidding procedure for the fourth National Lottery license.

The last strategic aspect can be regarded as the most important one as it shows the path to a better situation in the UK's gambling - improving the regulation. The Commission admitted the recent process of reviewing the British gambling laws in cooperation with DCMS and promised to pay special attention to technologies and proficiency of workers in the sector.

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