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$400M+ Spent on Mobile Applications during Christmas 2020

30 December 2020, 17:29
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According to recent reports, people were digitally active during Christmas 2020, spending about $407 million. Interestingly, the gaming sector was more popular among users, with even millions of spendings on particular games. Login Casino always follows the most interesting financial news, now presenting the overview of mobile spendings on Christmas.

$400M+ Spent on Mobile Applications during Christmas 2020

The Year-over-Year (YoY) spendings on mobile applications on Christmas day increased by 34.5% and reached $407.6M in 2020. Overcoming the previous year's result by $104M also represents the faster-growing trend, which has been only 17.7% a year before.

The share between games and non-games is in favor of paying activities. Thus, mobile games' sales on December 25 totaled on the level of $295.6M, while non-gaming applications brought $112M. Interestingly, the gaming trend increase was only 27%, from $232.4 million during the previous Christmas, while non-gaming sales grew up by 59%, from $70.5M level in 2019.

As for platforms, Apple's digital shop has reported almost $279M in sales, which means 68% of all Christmas sales. Google Play Market took the rest 32%, or $129 million. Both platforms showed quite similar results in terms of growth pace, close to the general 34% level.

Christmas sales by app and location 

Several mobile games were among the most interesting facts concerning holiday sales. Thus, Tencent's Honor of Kings collected about $10.7M, rising by 206% in YoY. If to take the US only (as the biggest market with an overall $87M made solely), Roblox was the leader with $4.7M that Americans spent on the mobile simulator. Among the non-games, the leading positions belong to Disney+ with about $2.6M in the US only.

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