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3.3 Million Thai Residents’ Online Gambling Data Breached by International Operators

30 August 2019, 09:18
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The authorities of Thailand have informed the citizens using online gambling services that their personal information could have been disclosed by foreign operators.

3.3 Million Thai Residents’ Online Gambling Data Breached by International Operators

The warning on this issue was published by ThaiCERT (national computer security center) this Wednesday. According to it, personal data of over 40 million online gamblers was found in a “leaked” database, which included information on 3.3 million Thai citizens.

The stolen data contains credit card details used by customers for online transactions, as well as their names, phone numbers, and birth dates. That is why the Thai authorities urge the residents to be careful when answering the phone or email not to disclose any additional information to the alleged criminals. In addition, those citizens are recommended to replace credit/debit cards they used for Internet transactions on gambling sites or at least change their passwords.

This situation has shown that at least 4.6% of Thailand's population (around 70 million people) are active gamblers, but considering adults only, this rate is even higher. However, ThaiCERT has not indicated whether 3.3 million is the number of Thai nationals involved in online gambling or it is just the number of accounts they opened.

Foreign gambling operators are illegal in Thailand, which makes using their services dangerous for the citizens. Therefore, the country’s government announced another campaign against international gambling sites in order to protect Thais from similar cases.  

As mentioned earlier, the Philippine authorities are going to automate STLs in order to reduce corruption in this gambling segment.

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