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325K Users' Data Leakage on Indian Crypto Exchange BuyUcoin

25 January 2021, 15:39
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A dangerous incident happened with the Indian cryptocurrency exchange BuyUcoin. According to the reports, scammers share the sensitive data of over 325K users. Login Casino always follows the latest cryptocurrency news and explains the case in more detail.

325K Users' Data Leakage on Indian Crypto Exchange BuyUcoin

A huge amount of sensitive data was found on the dark web by Rajshekhar Rajaharia, one of the clients of BuyUcoin. According to his research, the database is about 6GB and contains information like bank account numbers, wallet details, name, phone numbers, and emails as well.

The researcher suggests that the same group hacked the e-commerce platform Bigbasket and asked for $40K for the 20 million detailed databases. Now, they want to receive $10K in cryptocurrency for the database.

What is the reaction of BuyUcoin?

The representatives of the exchange platform didn't actively react to the issue. Thus, the only official statements include the information that the platform was testing the security system in the middle of 2020 and will review the case.

At the same time, Rajshekhar Rajaharia is concerned about the leakage and requires BuyUcoin officials to inform their users about the problem. Nevertheless, the platform's representatives still insist on their own investigation before making unfortunate public statements.

The regarded two leakages aren't the only cases related to hacking in India. Data stealings are quite regular cases in the country, with other four unfortunate occasions to further sell data over the dark web.

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