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$2bn Stolen from Banks and Crypto Exchanges

2 September 2019, 10:12
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North Korea denies the allegations of stealing an enormous amount of money, $2 billion, from cryptocurrency exchanges and banks.

$2bn Stolen from Banks and Crypto Exchanges

The denial appeared on September 1 and was announced by the KCNA (Korea Central News Agency). According to the sanctions committee of the UNSC on North Korea, local cybercriminals’ aim was to get money for weapons of mass destruction programs.

KCNA in its turn claimed that the USA together with other “enemies” keep spreading these rumours in order to damage North Korea’s reputation and justify pressure.

According to the previous reports, the United Nations was researching over thirty alleged cyberattacks by North Korean hackers across seventeen states. South Korea was most seriously affected by these activities.

As mentioned earlier, Chinese authorities supported Cambodia in introducing a ban on online gambling.

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