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2020 Top Performers in the German Lottery Market

10 January 2021, 11:12
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The news about the lottery sector in Germany turned out to be quite positive, despite the pandemic and its influence on revenues.

2020 Top Performers in the German Lottery Market

Several companies, providers of lottery services, could not only survive under harsh conditions but also thrive and increase their rates.

The most successful lottery operators of 2020

In general, the lottery market was marked by an increase driven mainly by the leading companies. The lottery association DLTB (German Lotto and Totoblock) was an extremely popular provider in 2020. It reports an 8.8% increase in ticket sales, which is estimated at more than €7.9 billion. With €145 million of revenue and €3.1 billion paid to the state coffers, DLTB’s services could survive during the crisis and remain popular among players.

Lotto 6aus49 was much-in-demand this year. This product has brought the biggest number of players and generated €3.98 billion, which means growth in comparison to 2019. DLTB associates this success with innovations implemented in the game in 2020. Increased sums of prizes together with a small raise in tickets price helped the lottery product to engage more players.

Eurojackpot, an international lottery, has also made its contribution to the high rates in the market. The revenue from ticket sales reached more than €1.47 billion. Eurojackpot comprises eighteen percent of the overall lottery revenue in Germany.

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