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2020 Q4 Was Successful for Danish Gambling Industry

11 February 2021, 12:31
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As the latest report shows, the last quarter of the previous year has brought increased revenue to Denmark’s gambling market.

2020 Q4 Was Successful for Danish Gambling Industry

The Danish Gambling Authority, the country’s regulator, has provided interesting statistics, which proves that 2020’s news in the gambling sector is full of promise for this year.

Online casino and betting sectors drove the industry

Despite the pandemic and economic crisis that influenced almost all industries in the country, the gambling market could show a good performance in the fourth quarter of 2020 with an increase in GGR of 6.6 percent (in comparison to this period in 2019).

Needless to say, that the land-based vertical wasn’t among the major contributors to the overall revenue. Due to the lockdown, brick-and-mortar gambling establishments were urged to shut down, which led to a considerable decrease in Q4’s GGR (by 23.1%). At the same time, the online sector, vice versa, experienced a spike in players’ interest. That is why its revenue has grown by more than sixteen percent during the discussed period. The equal situation was with the bookmaking vertical, which could survive after the cancellation of sports events. The last months of 2020 were marked by a 16.5-percent increase in betting’s gross gaming revenue. Moreover, the industry set a record – it had the biggest GGR ever in Denmark during Q4.

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