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2020 Became the Worst Year Ever for Macau Casinos

4 January 2021, 13:44
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2020 was a tough year for many industries worldwide, but the gambling vertical was damaged even more hard as the majority of governments considered it as a non-essential business.

2020 Became the Worst Year Ever for Macau Casinos

However, despite all casino news, which wasn’t positive through 2020, some regions could start to return previous figures in revenue.

Macau is slowly getting back to its standard condition

Like in other countries, the Macau casino sector lost millions of dollars in revenue due to COVID-19. According to the recent data, its GGR has declined by sixty-six percent if to compare this December to the previous year. The same situation is with the annual revenue, which is by seventy-nine percent less than in 2019.

At the same time, the industry is showing slight improvement. Macau does everything possible to attract players again after China has eased the restrictions on traveling. The main problem is a complicated application procedure, which scares gamblers away. Experts suppose that the market will thrive again soon when the Chinese government loosens regulations connected with the pandemic. In addition to this, the latest market analysis shows that, in December 2020, the operators’ index has grown by almost four percent. It is a promising rate under such harsh conditions.

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