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11 UK Football Teams Were Asked to Stop Betting Ads in SM

9 February 2021, 14:53
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The group of people who suffered from gambling addiction sent letters to 11 football clubs asking to stop social media advertising of betting firms in every possible post. This public initiative goes in parallel with the governmental review of gambling laws in the UK and might even find support from officials. Login Casino follows the latest betting news and explains the case in more detail.

11 UK Football Teams Were Asked to Stop Betting Ads in SM

The social initiative from the side of former gambling addicts leads to practical actions. Thus, the group of people formed a letter and sent it to 11 clubs from three British football divisions asking to stop betting advertising in social media posts. The organizers hope that clubs will clear their social channels from annoying ads that provoke gambling activity.

Currently, five English Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Burnley, Leicester City, Manchester City, and Newcastle United), five English Football League clubs (Birmingham City, Coventry City, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, and Watford), and the Scottish club Celtic have contracts with gambling firms. The initiators directly asked the representatives of those clubs not to ruin their recovery process by inducing postings.

Some of the clubs have already responded to such a letter. Thus, clubs' representatives have said they have always supported responsible gambling and recommended taking professional care in the governmental structures.

What can be the reaction of governmental officials?

The review of the gambling legislation in Great Britain continues, and some changes were already recommended. Thus, some of the greatest digital companies like Facebook and Google have implemented a tougher check of the clients' credentials and so restrict gambling ads for underage audiences. With the ability to set restrictive filters on social media on their own, initiators can be ignored by officials. However, governments usually welcome gambling advertising limits and can review appropriate initiatives.

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