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10 PM Curfew Can Be Disastrous for Casinos in Britain

17 September 2020, 15:19
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A new wave of pandemic spreading forces to implement new preventive measures in the public sphere. The British government is looking to limit access to casinos and pubs after 10 PM. Instead, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) warns that such a measure can lead up to 10 000 job-loses in the gambling sector and drastic tax cut coming to the national Treasury from this industry.

10 PM Curfew Can Be Disastrous for Casinos in Britain

The land-based gambling sector felt a drastic decrease in revenues since the beginning of the year. However, the latest casino news informs that the reopening of the gambling venues leads to a slight recovery of the sector worldwide. Nevertheless, the new outbreak of the coronavirus disease forces governmental structures to tighten preventive measures.

In this case, the British rulers are discussing the idea of implementing a curfew in the land-based entertaining sector. The idea to close pubs, restaurants, casinos, and other relax-focused places after 10 PM found a formidable opposition in the BGC. The representatives insist on the inadmissibility of closing casinos in the evening, as this part of the day brings around 60% of the daily income.

Outcomes of implementing a curfew on British casinos

According to the sources, casinos in the UK brought about £1.3 billion tax payments during the last three years. The total lockdown led to drastic losses, and even reopening of gambling venues didn't return attendance levels. Casinos inform about crowd returning, which, however, doesn't exceed 60% of the pre-pandemic levels, while some establishments report only about 5%.

This sector also gives jobs for more than 14 thousand people, and curfew can lead to about ⅔ job cuts in the casino sector. The BGC is warned about this situation while also claims that there is no need to implement such strict measures as gambling venues have already introduced plenty of preventive measures for safe gaming. Industry representatives believe that preventative measures are directed in the wrong sector, as the risk of COVID-19 spreading via casinos is minimal.

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