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Tim Heath Shares His Expert Insight on Casino Product Development

16 July 2020, 16:32
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Tim Heath, CEO at and Co-Founder of, has told LoginCasino readers about the peculiarities of the development of products for virtual casinos. Read more interesting articles and casino news on our website.

Tim Heath Shares His Expert Insight on Casino Product Development

What are the latest trends in the development of mobile casino games?

When it comes to mobile gaming trends, we’ve found that adding social elements to games is trending at the moment.

Incorporating things like interactive tournaments, such as 1-on-1, as well as strategic elements, have proven to be attractive to the newer generation of gamers. More generally, UX and speed are definitely key for a successful mobile gaming product. Mobile design trends are changing all the time, and in such a competitive market, you cannot simply base things off the desktop version.

On top of that, nobody likes slow spins and waiting, so speed has to be the single biggest obstacle for mobile gaming.

What difficulties connected with gambling regulations do developers face while creating a product?

When new gaming trends develop, it’s only a matter of time before the regulations follow. That’s why when you move at such a fast pace as we do, you constantly have to be thinking ahead and remaining adaptable to regulations without stifling innovation.

Speaking about technology in game development, do you agree with the statement that big data analytics plays a crucial role in virtual casino products?

Definitely! We have always taken a very data-centric approach, so not only we can quickly find any potential flaws in the product and fix them, but also we can understand our players’ needs and give them a better experience.

We want things to run seamlessly for our players so that they know that they can trust us and come back for more fun.

What is the main stage of a casino product development lifecycle?

The early market research stage has to be the most important. With years of experience in the industry, we can develop innovative products at an impressive speed, but the initial stage of deciding if the investment is worth it is not something to be overlooked.

No matter how enthusiastic you are about an idea, some things just aren’t going to work, and you have to be confident that you are approaching things based on a comprehensive understanding, data, and, of course, what people want.

I’ve already mentioned it, but I can’t emphasize enough how important UX is. The product has to be simple and clear to navigate, otherwise, people will just lose interest quickly. It’s definitely worth taking some time to make sure these things are the best you can offer.

How do you see the future of mobile gambling? Will it come into a new era in the nearest time?

We will likely see the traditional games continue to dominate for some time, but with more experimentation on elements such as strategy and social gaming.

The extra security factor will also continue to play an important role in successful mobile gaming, which due to our attitude towards blockchain technology, means that we are somewhat already ahead of the game.

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