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Reaching New Heights: New Services from Slotegrator for the Global iGaming Market

23 June 2020, 09:14
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Slotegrator, a leading software developer and aggregator in the online casino industry, began providing legal and consulting services for the global iGaming market (more online gambling news are available here). The list of new business offers is designed for both operators and game providers and is also a great addition to the company's already impressive portfolio.

Reaching New Heights: New Services from Slotegrator for the Global iGaming Market

Now Slotegrator offers its customers a full range of consulting services within the gambling industry, including the acquisition of licenses and certifications, the development of international business structures, company registration, financial advice, trademark registration, legal compliance support, and other administrative and technical issues regarding gambling activities.

Chief Legal Officer J.D. Petr Stehlík at Slotegrator, told us about the new services of the aggregator and the values ​​that they bring to the global iGaming market.

Petr, we are glad to have the opportunity to communicate with you. Slotegrator continues to delight the gambling industry and reach the new heights confidently. Could you tell us, please, about your new offers: what problems and obstacles are they designed to eliminate in the business life of your customers?

Thank you for your interest in our new products and for the opportunity to introduce them to a wide audience. I would like to note that Slotegrator already has everything that makes us feel proud! However, we never rest on our laurels and always continue to search for new ways leading to an even better service. It is no secret that for a long time, we have been providing a full package of corporate services, as well as services related to licensing, which have helped our clients to get everything necessary for the successful management of the gambling platform.

But more recently, we have somewhat revised the structure of our work, and now we also provide consulting services in the framework of legal and other issues that can give our customers a rather serious headache. Therefore, all our services are customized exclusively to the needs and requirements of each client.

I would like to note that now we offer a much wider range of services, divided into separate components, which, in turn, is designed to satisfy the specific customers’ wishes at any level – from consultation and legal support at all stages of the process to obtaining gambling licenses or certifications for software. In addition, we offer complete turnkey solutions taking responsibility for the most complicated organizational, legal, and bureaucratic issues.

Together with new services, Slotegrator is also expanding its coverage: the number of jurisdictions where our company offers its services for obtaining licenses has increased over the past year. Thus, such territories as Malta, Great Britain, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man joined Curacao in our list.

Consulting services from Slotegrator are an opportunity to get our expert point of view on the most complex legal, corporate, and business issues. For example, “what are the legal requirements in a particular jurisdiction”, “in which country is it better to establish your company”, “how to effectively organize processes in the framework of Due Diligence”? Besides, we help operators with trademark issues such as registration, ongoing monitoring, and general advice. In addition, we provide assistance in opening the necessary bank accounts.

It is quite easy for any operator or software provider to get lost in all the bureaucratic difficulties due to constantly changing regulatory provisions and due to the collection of documentation necessary for obtaining a particular license. Fortunately, we have at our disposal a great team of professional experts with knowledge and experience who are ready to share them with customers of Slotegrator. Our task is to help save their time and resources by solving the most complicated tasks by ourselves.

Petr, as the head of the legal department of Slotegrator, you are in a great position to tell us how your consulting services will help operators in developing international business structures and company registration.

Provisions (like the legal environment per se) are often a very controversial and sensitive topic for discussion. Worse still, they are constantly changing. Lacking experience in certain jurisdictions, operators and suppliers can easily get confused in all the requirements, or they may simply not know which country, for example, is best suited for their purpose. There are many factors that come into effect at the moment when the operators decide where exactly to start their own business and which license to obtain: how complicated the process of obtaining is, how high taxation in the jurisdiction is, how the financial structure should look like and so on.

We, in turn, are pleased to share our expert opinion and our competence in this field, which we have accumulated over many years of doing business in markets around the globe.

We are pleased to share our advice within the framework of legal requirements in certain jurisdictions. After all, the right advice leads to the right choice, and therefore to the right jurisdictions. We are interested in increasing our clients’ chances in this complicated field, where you are forced to comply with all regulatory provisions, and, as a result, help them run a business without problems.

Petr, what about the financial advisory services you have mentioned earlier? What kind of support do you provide operators in this context? And in what cases can such services be useful to them?

Most of our financial services consist in advising operators on how to properly develop the structure of the international business. It should be understood that the choice of a jurisdiction with a solid reputation, a clear licensing process, an attractive tax system provides the gambling business with the foundation that is so necessary for prosperity and successful functioning.

Another important part of this puzzle is finding the right bank. That is why among our services there is an account opening in a financial institution. This is about that financial institution, which would be considered as reliable by the legislative body and which would not take part of the company's profits through optional fees.

Petr, what is the fundamental importance of compliance with all existing regulatory provisions within jurisdictions? And how does Slotegrator help operators operate within the framework of gambling laws?

Compliance with laws is an extremely important component of a business, as non-compliance with them and regulations is an unreasonably risky venture. There is no doubt that, ignoring the rules, operators can save some of their money in the short term, but in the long term – such a step often costs significantly more. Operating without a license is a risk of serious fines. This is the reason why banks can close users’ accounts, and this is a significant problem. That is the reason that may even provoke government officials to liquidate a business, which is an even more significant problem.

In compliance with tax obligations, a special place is occupied by anti-money laundering requirements. In addition, setting up the necessary internal procedures, such as Due Diligence checks, as well as monitoring players and business partners, are vital in order to legally run an online gambling business and avoid problems and clashes with government officials and banks.

Last but not least, almost every regulated jurisdiction today sets its own requirements and standards for operators regarding problem gambling for operators. In this way, regulators want to make sure that gaming is carried out in a socially responsible and honest environment.

We offer our assistance in all aspects of compliance with laws. Our team is ready to share information on what are the operator’s specific obligations in a particular jurisdiction, as well as help to set up all internal procedures and prepare the necessary documentation. On top of that, we can take care of all issues related to the fight against money laundering, for example, by providing the organization’s internal policy, which is often required by law, and we can also offer our services on Due Diligence checks, carefully studying the necessary documents.

We will help to cope with everything that is necessary so that our clients avoid any problems with the authorities and that they have the opportunity to conduct their businesses without additional worries.

It would be interesting to hear your point of view regarding the values ​​that your new type of service brings to the gambling industry. What are they? And what is their importance?

Our task is to provide our clients with direct, affordable, and professional advice. By directing operators through the jungle of legal provisions in online gambling, we contribute to the growth of legally operating, responsible operators who conduct honest and transparent business. In the end, such a thriving legitimate business is beneficial for each of the interested parties – players, operators, states. We also believe that the more legal operators are, the better the reputation of the entire industry becomes since compliance with laws and transparency in doing business is gradually destroying the stigma entrenched in the gambling industry.

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