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Expert Opinion: Interview with Carlo Pagan

21 December 2019, 17:40
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Carlo Pagan, the former Vice President of Marketing at European Casino Association, has recently taken part in the Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference. The Login Casino team spoke with the expert on the topics regarding successful marketing, launching casino business in Ukraine and ways of attracting new customers.

Expert Opinion: Interview with Carlo Pagan

What’s the main feature of successful gambling product marketing?

Gaming like all the industrial sectors is a sector where marketing is one of the main tools for the success of the company. During my presentation today, I’ve underlined also my experience. I used to be the Vice President of the European Casino Association for marketing, I am a marketing professor. In Italy, I am also a consultant in my consultancy company. We discuss what can new company in Ukraine develop, when it has to launch its new project, its new product for the Ukrainian market. We say that finally, the normal method of launching a new brand is first of all strategic thinking like segmentation of the market, targeting – what kind of target group you would like to penetrate. It can be an online or offline product. And last but not least, you have to decide what kind of position of your brand you have to create. And in this case, the normal tool is to create a new logo for your brand with a payoff that is the way to link certain values of your brand and you can use what is called a payoff, and after that, you have to work on the market using what is called marketing mix, fine-tuning the product, fine-tuning the placement. Just think for a land-based casino how important is the venue where you launch the new casino. But mainly advertising and promotion. So, during my speech, I just remind all the managers in the room that finally the strategic process of launching a new gaming company in Ukraine is exactly finally following the general rules of launching an industry in a certain sector.

What are the main challenges gambling companies face while they are launching a casino business?

The key point for any kind of service is to be able to attract clients. As we discussed today, there are some differences between land-based casinos and online casinos. For land-based casinos, it’s important to create a system of customer relationship management. It’s also organizing services like high-quality restaurants and entertainment and so on. For online it’s clear that the main tool is the management of the CRM customer relationship manager. The management of the social aspect as well. For land-based social aspect is important but for online it’s really the main tool for having real retention of clients.

Can you give any advice on how to find, research these clients in Ukraine? Maybe you have some experience that will be close to Ukraine.

Yes. Let’s say that as a marketing professor I have a wide experience in different sectors. For instance, in Ukraine, I used to be a person launching the brand Indesit 20 years ago. I know that Ukrainian people are very pragmatic and practical. So, we have to use the most practical part of marketing. We have to convince customers thinking to the real value of money and services that we have to offer. In any case, we need at the beginning a very pragmatic approach. We cannot talk about philosophy, but we are very consistent in offering services and games with a real value.

Do you know any feature or strategy for convincing Ukrainians?

I think that in the first step if your country enters the gambling sector, it’s important to communicate the pluses of legal gaming compared to illegal gaming. In this way, the first advertising campaign, not only managed by companies, but also by the government could be a very good idea. Explaining to all the people that sometimes are against gaming that this is the best way to manage legal gaming compared to illegal gaming and also to explain the positive economic impact that legal gaming will have for the country. In today’s presentation, I mentioned a campaign of the European Casino Association that is explaining that legal gaming in Europe created turnover that is more than 3 billion Euros, investment more than 11 billion Euros. So, let’s say that we are in the market for gaming in Ukraine as from one side to communicate with a positive effect for the system and for the single consumer the real advantage to work in a legal environment.

In Ukraine we have a problem because even media resources about gambling have a not very good image for people. Therefore it is hard to promote this kind of media. Do you have any advice for us?

First of all, we have to consider that now in Las Vegas the turnover of non-gaming is higher than the turnover of gaming. That seems crazy but this is true. So, it’s clear that gaming, I am talking now only about the land-based segment, has to be also the way to arrange a real entertainment for people and also give to the hospitality business the possibility to sell a package including casino. Casino has to be more and more not only the place for gaming but also the place for a good restaurant, entertainment, for what is called now experiential marketing. It has to be the market of experience, not only gaming. This will be probably a good way to manage the casino. In my previous experience, I was both the CEO of casino Venezia but also the organizer of the Carnival of Venice and all the main events in Venice. This was a good idea to have the same person doing this business because the target of land-based gaming is to create a cross-fertilization within entertainment and gaming. And in this case the image of the gaming change.

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