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Expert Opinion: Interview with Ario Mansoori

26 December 2019, 11:42
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Player identification is one of the most important aspects in terms of responsible gambling. Ario Mansoori, the speaker of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, shared his knowledge regarding the issue with the Login Casino team.

Expert Opinion: Interview with Ario Mansoori

Is player identification the most effective tool for gambling establishments to comply with the principles of responsible gaming? Does it have any disadvantages?

I think so. I think it’s one of many important tools that the operator has in order to establish the identity of players. Of course, there are always disadvantages. But I think they are on the right path, they are creating new ways to rectify potential loopholes in the law. So, if for one player it is not possible to gamble because of a certain reason, he should not be able to gamble on other websites. Now they have come up with new tools to solve it.

What are other methods that allow casinos to adhere to the principles of responsible gambling apart from player identification?

I think it would be very interesting to follow developments in Sweden. I think Sweden is one of those countries in the world that came the furthest in terms of legislation, in progress. But it’s still immature, so there will be new developments as well. From what I can recall, they have not been in the compliance yet regarding responsible gambling in Sweden. So, also we can learn very much from those kinds of compliance as well.

If gambling is legalized in Ukraine, which player identification techniques should be used in the country’s gambling establishments in the first instance?

So, I think you need to have a system in general where the general public has a good view of the financial system. That is for any country, you have to have a system where you protect the general public. So I think that player identification is one part of the whole work with knowing who your customer is but also be more data driven. I think there are pros and cons of being a data driven country as Sweden is and also it’s much easier to, for instance, follow you money or following gambling patterns as well from a responsible gambling perspective.

What from this topic did you mention in your speech at this conference?

I’ve been talking about player identification, why it’s essential and what potential problems may be as well as player identification techniques in online casino, betting shops and restaurant casinos.

Could you share some moments form your speech about online casinos? The main point of your speech.

It is basically how you identify your players, your customers in order to understand how you can establish the identity of the player.

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