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Earle G. Hall, the Gambling Expert, Advises to Follow the Example of Microsoft and IBM

18 February 2020, 16:47
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Earle G. Hall, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee on Gaming Standardization (Canada), shared his observations from around 45 countries. Equally important, Earle G. Hall is also the chairperson of the Gambling Association of Canada's Gambling Standards Committee. It has been 10 years since he assembled a team to build a casino data management company.

Earle G. Hall, the Gambling Expert, Advises to Follow the Example of Microsoft and IBM

The following information was provided by the expert during a conference organized by the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

At present, more and more people connected with the gambling industry are emphasizing on the importance of the concept of fair play. What is your opinion on that subject?

Indeed, today, the number one topic among international regulators of the game industry is fair play. In the world, such a concept is highly appreciated. The problem of money laundering has finally come under the radar of active attention. Five years ago, we talked about marketing and brand loyalty, that's good, but it's a matter for the operator, not the regulator. And finally, we are at a point in history where the regulator's monitoring systems evolve at literally the speed of light.

Nowadays a number of countries are considering the introduction of gambling laws. To your mind, what should they take into account?

I think that gambling laws should evolve with the advent of new technologies so that future innovations we do not yet know are enshrined in law.

Yet, what is the most important thing during the drafting of such a law?

Secure information management is the most important component. It works at Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and also in the military sphere. You need your own cloud, built on technology that already exists, you don't need to reinvent anything yourself, 100% online, 100% national, because you can't share anything with another jurisdiction, it has to be your own cloud in your jurisdiction and zero percent interruptions because if the system crashed for a minute – money was laundered.

What is the role of blockchain technology in secure information management?

In my opinion, the only technology that today protects information from interference is blockchain. Please, do not associate blockchain only with Bitcoin, which today has become an abusive word and the worst use of blockchain. Only two companies in the world are known for the successful utilization of blockchain – Microsoft and IBM.

What would you advise countries that take only the first steps in the legalization of gambling?

If I were asked, the number one goal of the gambling industry should be to gain international recognition and trust. You need to protect your citizens, like in Singapore, and build a healthy economy. Policies that control something should be alive, not just on paper. And then you can encroach on the holy grail – on compliance with the principles of integrity.

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