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Adam Spisak: “Using Bitcoins Is One of the Main Reasons for the Slot Games Market Growth”

19 February 2020, 16:54
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According to some predictions, the slot machine market will show extensive growth in the coming years. Adam Spisak, Spinmatic's Sales Director has provided information on major trends in this market for the current year, reasons for the popularity of slots machines and some future plans of the company.

Adam Spisak: “Using Bitcoins Is One of the Main Reasons for the Slot Games Market Growth”

In your opinion, what are the main slot games market trends for 2020?

2020 brings different types of game combinations to the market. Spinmatic's big game hit "Spin a Lot", together with Helio Gaming, is an attractive mixture of the slot game and the lottery, which is easy to integrate with multiple platforms.

Another upcoming trend is to bring local themes for every Region of the world, so the gamblers can engage with slots and find a historical or cultural reference. I think all providers have to adapt their portfolio in order to be attractive to all age groups, offering engaging graphics and animations with an interesting storyline.

According to recent researches, the slot games market will continue to grow. What are the major reasons for this?

Using bitcoins in gambling is one of the main reasons for the growth of the slot games market.

Launch of new games and mobile applications offering unique features can create lucrative opportunities for the market to grow as well. For example, all our slot games are developed under the "Mobile-First" motto, which is very important for us, as more than 70 % of our customers use mobile devices to enjoy our games. 

What sales strategies you consider to be the most efficient in the gambling industry?

It is not only about the sales strategies but about the other important departments as well. First of all, you need to produce really great and high-quality premium casino games and work closely together with the marketing team which is a vital part of this business development.

As we are a small industry, the network and being well connected, is one of the key factors of success in sales. But of course, you have to know the market to be able to target the right audience and create a stable brand.

Spinmatic is quite a young company. What obstacles did you meet on your way to the achievement of sales goals during these 3 years? How did you overcome them?

I can't say we had any obstacles, but of course, if you're a young company it's normal that nobody knows you and that you find difficulties when entering the competitive market.

On the other side, you have great possibilities to exhibit on several shows like ICE, Sigma, iGB Live, G2E, etc. which are great platforms to present the brand and stunning games for operators and platforms around the world.

What regions you are most interested in for the future development of your company?

We are always open to new markets and possibilities, and we are interested in every region around the globe from America to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. I am sure that players will be able to find our Spinmatic games worldwide in the future.

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