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Which Poker Video Game to Choose and Why? (Updated)

Author: Igor Balanchuk
13 January 2021, 09:49
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Poker has already become a separate entertaining phenomenon that can be played in various ways. Some prefer only live meetings; others - comfortable home table and pleasant website design, nothing to say about those who use their smartphones to bluff and win everywhere. Login Casino presents one more way to enjoy poker - video games that are based on popular gambling activity.

Which Poker Video Game to Choose and Why?

Why did video games about poker appear?

The variety of entertaining content increases daily, making the players' lives easier and harder at the same time. One who decided to dive into a poker atmosphere can meet various engaging websites and online platforms where the favorite game can be played both for real money and for free. There are even poker video games, which were developed more than a decade ago and still have an audience.

The reason why poker video games appeared is rather simple - it gives more entertaining context to the playing process. Even though online platforms and poker sites are focused on their product's smooth functioning, video games usually contain some scenarios in the background. The existence of players in the 3D form increases the presence effect drastically while also adds a lively atmosphere to the game process. If this aspect is well-planned and appropriately realized in the video game, poker becomes much more interesting to play with all these pauses before bluff and so on. Also, game developers usually create appropriate musical accompaniment like the noize of the hall or add commentators to increase the digital event's officiality.

The psychological background of poker video games popularity combines several exciting elements. First of all, any video game contains a fun feature that helps to feel wealthier and try other characteristics. Every individual likes the feeling that he can do everything. In the case of poker online games, one receives additional passion and excitement related to risks and possible win. In essence, the person who plays even a free mobile version of poker doubles positive emotions related to video games and expectations related to potential winning.

How to win while playing video games poker competition?

There are numerous strategies to win poker tournaments, which can be divided into several general categories:

  • Mathematical approach;
  • Psychological approach;
  • Aggressive approach;
  • Passive approach;
  • Fluctuating approach.

Poker Video Game

Of course, it's hard to use a psychological approach when playing a video game, while many people think that they can outsmart their opponents in poker. However, if the game is played online and among real participants, all the bluff strategies can occur. In this case, players usually rely on their intuition and opponents' analyses.

Nevertheless, one of the most stable approaches that can be used to win poker events is using mathematics. As there are 52 cards before the game starts, the chance of having each is 1/52. Also, there are only ten possible winning combinations, which helps every individual calculate the odds of receiving a particular combination. For instance, getting a needed suit card is usually around ¼ (there are four suits), while the chance to get a wishful rank card is 1/13 (as there are 13 ranks of each suit). Of course, those odds are changing from game to game, depending on the cards that are already on the table, but that is actually quite simple mathematics that works in all poker games, including video versions.

Traditionally, poker players are using fluctuating or flexible tactics, which means a combination of diverse approaches. Thus, sometimes an individual can play aggressively even without a strong hand and huge bank, while the next game can be played passively, even having a Royal Flush right in the flop.

Top-7 best video free poker games

Prominence Poker

video games poker

That is one of the newest versions of the regarded video games that was announced in 2016 by 505 Games firm. Moreover, this poker version received an update in 2019, including renewed AI in the game and the ability to compete online with other real players. The possibility to play on major gaming platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox is good, but the game wasn't developed for mobile devices. Nevertheless, it has some interesting options like a progression system and the ability to bluff, which makes the gaming process really entertaining.

Poker Night at the Inventory

poker video games

If we talk about poker as an entertaining video game, the regarded version is the leader. That is an animated version of the card game, where the player battles against four cartoon characters, which have their own game style. If reviewing poker as entertainment after the hard working day, the mix of exciting scenarios and appropriate characters is the right choice. The game was released in 2010 and joined the list of Steam games, but was removed from the platform in 2019. However, this beloved game received a sequel - Poker Night 2.

Poker Night 2

video free poker games

The continuation of Poker Night at the Inventory appeared in 2013 and also was available via the Steam platform, but the renewed version received even a mobile application along with PlayStation and Xbox devices in the list of compatibility. The primary cartoon elements received newer graphics compared to the former version, while the characters were changed. Interestingly, the game was removed from Steam even one year earlier than Poker Night at the Inventory due to licensing issues but can be easily found on the Internet.

World Championship Poker 2

which video poker game has best odds

That is one of the oldest representatives of video games dedicated to poker, which was introduced in 2005. The game received one of the broadest support options and is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PCs, Nintendo, Wii, PSP, and GBA. At the same time, it is unavailable on smartphones as there is no need to develop such an old game for modern gadgets. One couldn't also play a career mode with a personally created hero, but it received a strong AI engine at the time of this game's development and is still considered the pleasant time-spending variant.

World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets

video games poker

The game was released in 2007 and was titled thanks to WSOP events as the global poker's primary tournament. This version of the video game was created with numerous aspects that should be present on every WSOP like commentators and various opponents. The ability to play a career mode accelerates the positive impression and feeling of the competitions' importance. Among the drawbacks are standard elements like graphics and inability to play via mobile due to the game's age, while PSP, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and PC are still supporting this digital poker variant.

Full House Poker

poker video games

Even though the game was designed in 2011, it received vast competition possibilities to play with others online. It has a simple play-style that is acceptable for the fast, engaging poker, where opponents can play really strange. Being a continuation of the famous '1 vs. 100' game show, the regarded poker game was also developed exclusively for Windows and Xbox owners. Even though it has limited hardware options, there is still a massive supporting audience of this game that can be used for online poker play with friends.

Stacked: With Daniel Negreanu

Poker Video Game

The last but not least variant of playing poker is the game named after the prominent poker player Daniel Negreanu. Although the game was developed in 2006, it was driven by unique Poki Artificial Intelligence that had been designing for almost a decade. It transformed the game into a powerful simulator where both newcomers and experienced players could meet the serious opposition from the side of AI. This game is often regarded as one of the best poker game versions due to its unique AI, which is more important than modern graphics with a small impact on the game-play process.

How can businesses use poker video games?

Even though there are various poker applications, video games are an additional source of brand advertising. For instance, if the business owner has a gaming website covering the latest poker news or wants to organize a poker event, creating a video game is influential support for reputation. Of course, developing a video game is a costly process, but if an entrepreneur has long-lasting plans in the poker sphere, that is a reliable way to attract a different audience.

Moreover, a well-planned and attentively developed poker video game can be an independent source of profits. In-game ads and purchases can steadily generate revenues and return investments, even without additional purposes. Creating a poker video game can be regarded as developing a mobile app for a new digital product if one is focused on conquering this card game market.

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Frequently asked questions

Which video poker game has the best odds?

In poker, odds depend more on the player experience and knowledge, rather than on the game engine. Almost all video poker games offer a similar winning level to engage more players.

Where to buy a handheld video poker game?

The best way to buy a poker video game for a mobile device is to visit the official application store. For Android gadgets - Google Play Market, for iOS-driven devices - App Store, for Windows-based appliances - Microsoft Store.

Are video poker games better than online poker applications?

It usually depends on individual preferences. For those who want to have a suitable fast-clicking way of playing a mobile app is preferable. If one wants to receive more engagement and poker atmosphere - video games will help.


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