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What is the exact Bulletstorm 2 release date and what are the developers doing today?

Author: Catherine Lysenko
22 October 2019, 10:44
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The first part of this first-person shooter game was created by the developers working for Epic Games and People Can Fly. It was released immediately on the three most popular platforms: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. One of the features of its first part is the availability of skill shots, thanks to which players should show better performance in eliminating enemies in order to be able to get new weapons faster.

What is the exact Bulletstorm 2 release date and what are the developers doing today?

The developers from People Can Fly have not been sitting still all this time. In 2018, they announced the opening of the additional studios and joint work with Square Enix on a new AAA shooter. The executive director Sebastian Wojciechowski said that the studios were set up to recruit new best employees. Therefore, it is possible that everyone will take up work on the new Bulletstorm 2 pc game at once.

Bulletstorm 2 ps4 and other projects

A new project is being developed for consoles and PCs, and in a press release, the creators hinted that the product would be high-end. According to Wojciechowski, the developers have been hooked on the project and the desire to extend the franchise is growing every year, but work is now proceeding on Outriders (also a shooter, its release is expected by 2020). Cliff Bleszinski, who worked on the design of the first part, expressed dissatisfaction with marketing and said that the players saw just a piece of the game, and not science fiction, which the development team tried to lay as the basis. In addition, before starting to create the game, the developers want to set the stage for the sequel to be even more popular. The conclusion can be summarized as follows: if the game is released, it will be much better than the first part, which, most likely, the studios are not entirely happy with. However, players should not be upset that the sequel has not been released over an eight-year period. Projects launched after the first part only enhance the company’s employees’ professionalism, which means that in the second part, everything will be at the highest level.

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Bulletstorm 2 release date pc and reissued version

According to the information given by Gearbox Software, the creation of the sequel to Bulletstorm 2 pc is still planned. This statement was made at the exhibition, where the re-editon was brought by the company’s representatives. Vincent Slaven said that he wanted to make a release after the re-edition and does not exclude the possibility of the release of a whole series of Bulletstorm 2 game.

The re-edition was issued as a test, preparatory material before the main upcoming work. Thanks to the release, the audience’s interest in the game and its main requests were evaluated. In general terms, the developers were satisfied with the accomplished work.

Bulletstorm 2 system requirements: what the creators will pay attention to

According to the Bulletstorm 2 news, this time, the development studio will pay special attention to the study of high-resolution textures, sound purity, a smoother frame rate and will increase the number of polygons. The quality of thoughtfulness of the future release can be judged by the preferences of the creators of existing products and by what they included in their projects. For example, in the first part, many people liked the leash, which could be pulled from the left hand of the protagonist, it grabs the enemies and draws them to itself, a deadly drill and the already mentioned system of points received for destroying enemies. Thus, the second part is likely to be even more original.

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Bulletstorm 2 system requirements: what the creators will pay attention to

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Will there be a Bulletstorm 2? We can only make guesses but, from a series of interviews, it becomes clear: Wojciechowski wants this release to attract a bigger audience than the first one, and the Full Clip Edition remaster is just a warm-up before the main work.

According to the Bulletstorm 2 pc requirements, a more modern engine will be necessary. Taking into account the system requirements of the product and the dynamics of the development of technologies, the gaming option remains the perfect one, since it has the best transmission of locations, non-solid objects, textures, post-effects, small details, graphics, etc.

As mentioned earlier, Germany will allow esports professionals that are not EU citizens to live and take part in competitions in the country.

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