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Watch Dogs Legion

Author: Ivanna Shostak
15 October 2019, 09:35
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This article will focus on a forthcoming game that combines action and adventure genres. The game’s setting will take place in a virtual world where players can explore and come close to different things. The world is a fictionalized representation of London. Thus, it features the most famous places of the city and successfully reproduces London’s style. Players will be able to choose how to explore the city: on foot, by using different vehicles or extremely fast tube. There are also various optional activities, for example, fistfights and street art. 

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 3 Legion release date

According to the information announced by the developer, the game will be released on March 6 next year. Since this date, gamers will enjoy Watch Dogs Legion for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, there are some options to get access a few days earlier. All those who purchase or pre-order editions providing early access will be able to engage in team selection three days before the official release of the game.

Watch Dogs Legion review

London survived Brexit. Opportunists oppress residents of the city. Citizen’s liberties have been restricted and a security firm that serves as the city’s law enforcement body oversees them. To bring the capital of Great Britain back to the people, players must build up resistance and use technology to liberate London.

The previous games in the series were focused on only one main character, and, according to Watch Dogs legion news, this one will give an opportunity to control a few characters. The player will be able to "settle" in different characters, thus acquiring various skill sets. The developers noted that each character has its own background, which will gradually be revealed throughout the passage of the game. Therefore, this feature makes the game even more exciting.

After Watch Dogs Legion release, the developing company promises to make many free add-ons and hold unusual events. Besides, add-ons on a paid basis will also be available.

There will be four editions:

• Standard edition. Pre-order bonus - Golden King kit.

• Gold Edition. It gives an opportunity to play the game three days before release and get a seasonal subscription (six additional stories and four recognizable characters with uncanny abilities).

• Ultimate edition. It is possible to play the game three days before release and get a seasonal subscription, Urban Jungle set and VIP status for four weeks.

• Collector's Edition. It gives the ultimate edition offers plus a 38-centimeter replica of the Ded Coronet mask, a steel book, a set of three stickers and a poster.

Watch Dogs Legion PS4

The game will also be available on PS4. To enjoy its online features, it is necessary to have an account and read carefully the game publisher’s privacy policy. There is a one-time license fee to get the right to download this game to multiple PS4 systems. Logging into the PlayStation Network is not required when used on the primary PS4 system, but is required when used on other PS4 systems. Its release date is March 6, 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion PC

To fully enjoy the gameplay, it is necessary to have computer with the defined set of characteristics.

The minimum system requirements show PC configuration on which an online game can be run without problems with minimal graphics settings. In this case, they are:

minimum system requirements

Recommended system requirements show on which computer you can run the game without slowing down and with many frames per second.  Thus, those who are looking for Watch Dogs Legion release date and want to enjoy this game to the full need to take into account these recommended system requirements:

recommended system requirements

It is necessary to mention that its release date is the same as Watch Dogs Legion release date PS4 – March 6, 2020. 

As mentioned earlier, the Scandinavian Gaming Show 2019 was held from 5 to 6 September. The event was attended by many participants from different countries.

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