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Uncharted for PC: Release Date and Other Details About the Game You Should Know

Author: Catherine Lysenko
11 March 2020, 16:21
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Uncharted is surely a favorite game of those players who appreciate dynamic gameplay, characters with an interesting story of life and excellent graphics that make it feel like a serial. The game is based on an action principle and tells its players about Nathan Drake – a treasure-seeker who faces a lot of adventures on his way.

Uncharted for PC: Release Date and Other Details About the Game You Should Know

The game consists of 4 parts and the first one, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, was released in 2007. The game was developed by the Californian company Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment delivered it to the world. Uncharted became the inspiration for a film basing on its plot. The final part, A Thief's End, will probably be a prototype for the film creation.

Uncharted for PC – the game which will never make you bored

Uncharted’s plot kindles the interest of gamers because this story is really jaw-dropping. People who are fond of adventures will probably like its atmosphere full of exciting moments peculiar to the games like Uncharted.

The game’s story is built on the major hero, Nathan Drake, who searches for a treasure hidden by a pirate. He faces riddles and surprises at every turn. The first part tells us about his expedition during which he seeks for a golden statue. The second story is about mystical Shambhala city and Mr. Drake continues his adventures following in the footsteps of a legendary traveler Marco Polo. The third edition, Drake’s Deception, astonishes its players with dynamically developing actions and breathtaking fighting scenes. Uncharted 4 is the final part of the game and it is connected with Nathan’s journey around the world during which he goes on a treasure hunt again after a short break.

PS4 or PC: Uncharted and devices to play it on

The game series is available on such platforms as PS 3, 4, Vita and even on mobile devices based on Android and iOS. Moreover, the game was named among the best-selling PlayStation games as it created a furor in the world of games saturated with adventure spirit. Unfortunately, only console owners and people who prefer to enjoy gaming on their smartphones can play Uncharted.

Will Uncharted 4, a PC version, be soon released?

Uncharted for PC

Sony Entertainment hasn’t announced the release of a PC version yet. The game is more oriented towards console playing because the company has primarily published the game series for PlayStation. It is unknown whether Sony is going to publish a PC version in the nearest time or not – the company is more focused on a game-based film. Besides, another PS4 cool game – Project Awakening – will be released in 2020.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you play Uncharted on PC?

Uncharted can be played only on PS and a mobile device.

Is Uncharted 4 available on PC?

Uncharted 4 was released only for PlayStation 4.

How do you download Uncharted on PC?

There are no ways to play Uncharted series of games on a personal computer because it is available only for a console and smartphones.

How do you install Uncharted 4 on PC?

Uncharted 4 can’t be installed on a personal computer.

How many GB is Uncharted 4?

The game’s size is 49.78GB.


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