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Top Awesome Gambling Anime 2021 to Watch Right Now (Updated)

Author: Catherine Lysenko
19 January 2021, 11:50
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Anime is a Japanese cartoon series that has gained enormous popularity over the last decade. Cute characters and interesting plots based on various stories attract millions of viewers. Anime products that are telling us about the gambling world aren’t something unusual in Japan.

Top Awesome Gambling Anime 2021 to Watch Right Now

Anime is a short version of the word “animation” and it helps us to imagine how these series look like. Their cartoon design makes them entertaining but, at the same time, real-life stories of protagonists make viewers perceive anime seriously and emphasize with characters.

Anime is an essential part of the culture of Japan that is slowly sneaking into other cultures and finds its fans everywhere. In addition to this, anime storylines are built on common scenarios and situations that often happen in our everyday life. That is why this genre engages people of different age, social status, or interests.

For example, the gambling sphere is also frequently taken as a basis for such a series. This entertainment is exciting even without adding tense moments to it. However, stories about someone’s ups and downs, risks, and drama in combination with favorite gambling activities make such video products super interesting for gamblers.

Japanese series for people who gamble – anime based on gambling

If you are a gambler or at least a person who often visits casinos and plays card games or slot machines, for instance, popular Billionaire slots, you probably like all things connected with your hobby. Anime about gambling is a good option when you search for some movies or series to watch.

Modern Japanese animated film directors shoot inspirational series that will make you get a new angle on the gambling industry. We have selected the top five must-watch anime for gamblers.

The best anime about gambling

It is important to mention that every series has certain morals and teaches players how to overcome obstacles. They show various sides of gambling and people’s attitude to it.


Kaiji gambling anime

Kaiji is a manga series. It means that it is based on a comic book. We can’t say that this story is new because it has started back in 1996 when Nobuyuki Fukumoto, its creator, has published its first part. Kaiji was made into a series in 2007 and became very popular.

You will surely fall in love with this story which tells us about a young man Kaiji Itou who finds himself in a tight corner. However, it is his fault that he has got into trouble. The main hero is a lazy bum who doesn’t want to do anything but to drink alcohol and steal everything that is not watched.

Kaiji gets in a difficult situation connected with a huge debt that he has contracted under the influence of his co-worker. The unexpected visit of a debt collector significantly changes his life: he is offered to join a cruise ship voyage where he will gamble to solve this problem.

You will watch this story in the same breath as you will undoubtedly be emotionally involved in all situations that take place around the main character.

Kakegurui – a compulsive gambler

Kakegurui gamble anime

Problem gambling is a much-discussed topic nowadays and it is perfectly disclosed in a modern anime entitled Kakegurui. This series has been introduced on Netflix in 2017 and remains in the list of the best anime of this type.

Its story takes place at a school where children of rich, famous, and influential people study. This educational establishment looks like a standard school during a day: children are pounding the books, merry laugh, and cheerful atmosphere. However, everything turns upside down at night: this place becomes a casino where their fates are determined.

Students’ statuses at school depend on their wins and losses in games. Those gamblers who succeed become leaders and can influence all spheres of school life. Losers face many troubles because they become debtors and slaves for winners.

The series is focused on Yumeko Jabami – a smart girl who is a gambling addict. She isn’t interested in winning money or benefiting from the casino. Her main aim is to play for amusement and pleasure. Using her intellect and critical thinking, the girl tries to destroy this terrible hierarchy at school and fights against it.


Akagi anime about gambling

Akagi is another old story that is centered around Nangou – a gambler who has a three-million-yen debt. His life is hanging in the balance but suddenly he is rescued by Akagi – a little boy who decides to help him. Akagi helps the man to win and continues to show his talent and unique gambling skills.

Despite its cartoon representation, this anime perfectly shows how to play mahjong. In general, any gambling moment in this series won’t disappoint you even if you are a professional gambler.


Tetsuya anime gambling

It is a story about a super talented and legendary player who is trying to overcome all obstacles that he faces while gambling. This anime will motivate you to never give up and continue improving your skills. One more story that may inspire you is Justin Schwartz’s biography.

Tetsuya is a young man who is very good at playing mahjong because there aren’t any other ways how to earn money in post-war Japan. He is always successful in games but one unlucky day changes the situation. Tetsuya plays with a cheater who wins all his money and shows the gambler that he isn’t skillful enough to constantly be a winner. He needs to learn more and develop his skills to return to the gambling world.

One Outs

One Outs anime gambling show

This series combines two activities: gambling and sports. Some anime fans say that it is more focused on sports than on gambling, however, this combo doesn’t spoil the series, vice versa – it adds more action to the story.

The main protagonist Toua Toguchi is a baseball player who has excellent results and achievements in this type of sports. At the same time, he is passionate about his hobby – gambling. Toua plays a game called One Outs and becomes a leader of the worst team. He does everything possible to make it win.

These five stories will, without a doubt, attract you if you are a gambler who likes this entertainment and the series connected with it. You also can read the most widely discussed gambling news from every corner of the world.

Other anime series inspired by the gambling industry

Of course, the list of the above-mentioned anime isn’t full. Anime is the industry with the revenue estimated at billions of dollars and it means that a lot of series are shot every year. You will find animated gambling series, which aren’t very popular but still interesting, below.

Death Note

Death Note the gambling anime

Death Note is also a gambling-related story but it narrates mostly about the struggle between two main characters – a handsome guy Light Yagami and an evil spirit that appears near a strange notebook entitled “Death Note”. They both participate in the life or death game and try to influence each other to win.

Death Parade

gambling anime 2021

There is one more anime that is connected with death and gambling. It should be emphasized that it has quite an unusual plot. Just imagine: the afterlife looks like a gambling space. All people have a chance to return to life: the only thing they need to do is to win a victory over the manager of a special bar. It includes several games in which souls can try their luck. Good results mean that a person can be reincarnated, otherwise – he or she will disappear forever.

It goes without saying that this anime is psychologically difficult. It is full of drama when characters are trying to win under hard circumstances. You will get many insights while watching it as it perfectly describes people’s dark sides.

No Game No Life

anime about gambling

Shiro and Sora are extremely skillful gamblers who play as a team. Nobody can beat them in the world of online gambling. However, it doesn’t make them happy: the siblings can’t enjoy life because they have big fear – they are afraid of leaving their house.

The situation significantly changes when they get an opportunity to move to an unusual world where gaming is the basics for all activities. The siblings think that it is a joke but then they decide to do it. The new world is different from the usual place of living. All agreements, important decisions, and political changes are carried out with the help of the gambling. It allows Shiro and Sora to become respected people in this world.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

gamble anime

This Japanese TV series won’t leave you indifferent. Kimimaro Yoga – the main protagonist – is a 19-year-old boy who constantly lives penury. Sometimes he doesn’t have what to eat and money is an everyday problem for him.

One day the boy appears in the Eastern Financial District – a place where he can exchange his future for a large sum of money. Kimimaro decides to do this and really gets the money. At this moment, he becomes a so-called “Entre” – a person who is a full-fledged member of this strange district. Its citizens use a special currency and participate in gambling matches. As far as this place is a part of the city, all changes that occur in it influence real life as well.

Joker Game

Joker Game gambling animes

Joker Game is a perfect choice for those people who are fond of poker because this story has many episodes connected with this popular card game. You may find this anime a little bit gloomy: it is full of mystery, drama, and exciting scenes connected with the Second World War.

Besides, if you want to play poker with your friends but can’t gather together with them now, get the list of easy-to-use apps for playing poker with buddies online.

Stardust Crusaders

Stardust Crusaders casino anime

Stardust Crusaders centers around poker as well. D'Arby – is a mystic man who knows much about poker and can defeat everybody. His winnings in games are too valuable because the pot in his games consists of people’s souls. Jotaro, one of the major protagonists of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, decides to compete with this strong player in poker and win souls back.

This series has many gambling moments that will undoubtedly impress you. The episodes with poker battles between main heroes will keep you on your toes: unbelievably high stakes, Jotaro’s tricks, and techniques, tense moments in games – all this will make your heart beat faster.

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu

Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu gambiling anime

The last anime series in this list is Mahjong Hishouden: Naki No Ryuu. Like many other Japanese animated gambling series, this story is inspired by Chinese tile-based game mahjong and … again, a mysterious person is in the center of all events in this anime.

The main character is The Crying Dragon, a man who gambles a lot with people from various gangs. This man is a constant winner because he uses a special trick that makes other players change their strategies.

The series will surely heighten your interest in mahjong because this game and its features are perfectly described here. Regardless of a game that is used in this anime’s plot, first of all, it is popular due to its engrossing storyline. The Crying Dragon thinks many moves ahead and influences his opponents to achieve desired results in the game.

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Frequently asked questions

What is anime?

Anime is a Japanese cartoon-based and animated movie or series.

What is anime about gambling?

Anime about gambling is a story that is based on various types of gambling entertainment. Usually, it is a casino or a card game.

Which anime about gambling is the song called “Deal with the Devil” from?

The “Deal with the Devil” song is from Kakegurui.

Why Kakegurui is a bad gambling anime?

Some viewers say that Kakegurui isn’t so dramatic as it can be and they always know what to expect from the main heroes.

What is that one anime that has a guy trying to pay off a gambling debt?

This anime is called Gyakkyō Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor.

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