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Top 10 Themes of the Leading Casino Games in 2019

Author: Catherine Lysenko
30 July 2019, 14:11
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Gambling is prohibited in many jurisdictions, but there are a lot of countries where the industry has been developing in the legal field and becomes more popular year by year. In this article you will find out the products peculiarities of the best online casino game manufacturers, in particular, which topics were most relevant in 2018 and which slots (games) are popular in 2019. 

Top 10 Themes of the Leading Casino Games in 2019

Gambling is not available to all inhabitants of our planet: many countries prohibit gambling activities at the legislative level and deny their citizens the access to the best casino games. Land-based gambling establishments are allowed in 151 countries, and are prohibited in 71.

The specific character of online gambling is somewhat different. Online gambling is under a strict ban in 39 jurisdictions. Another 32 countries prohibit gambling for local operators, but due to special features of the Internet, they have no leverage on international companies licensed in other jurisdictions. In 61 countries, regulators control only part of the market – operators with authorized activity. And 93 more jurisdictions do not prohibit gambling at the legislative level, but they do not issue licenses to online casinos. Thus, restrictions on the use of online gambling are applicable in 132 countries, but the density of regulation varies significantly.

Interesting Fact

The European Union accounts for 47.6% of the online gambling industry profits.

For example, gambling was prohibited in the Russian Federation in 2009. All types of gambling are subject to prohibition, except for gambling within the specialized gambling zones (integrated resorts), as well as bookmakers and lotteries.

In Which Countries Are Online Casinos Legal?

The largest online gambling market is the European Union. Online casinos are allowed in France, Sweden, UK, Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia and other European countries.

In Which Countries Are Online Casinos Legal?

Every year several hundred games appear on the legal online casino market. Slots are considered to be the most popular casino game in the above-mentioned areas. Their high demand is due to their ease of use.

Developers use various themes to attract players to the product, improve functionality and design. In this review we will tell you about the most popular casino games in 2019.

Top 10 Themes of Online Casino Games in 2019

The rating of games for online casinos is updated annually, and new themes are becoming popular. Today James Bond rocks, tomorrow it may be cyberpunk and related directions. As a rule, the cultural areas of life, namely music, cinema and animated cartoons, influences which theme the developer chooses.

In 2018 the following topics were relevant:

  • Farm Adventures;
  • Space Travel, Futuristics;
  • Chinese Culture;
  • Bamboo Bear;
  • Circus Show;
  • Three in a Row, fruit-themed;
  • Classic Slot Machines;
  • Poker with Live Dealer, Texas Hold'em.


In the countries where the online gambling industry is legalized, operators provide the best casino games, which differ in subject, design, mechanics and functions. All this is necessary in order to satisfy the specific tastes of different target audiences. More detailed characteristics of specific machines are described on manufacturers' websites.


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