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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Free Slotomania Coins (Updated)

Author: Catherine Lysenko
13 January 2021, 13:11
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According to the latest data that can be easily found in various news about online and land-based casinos, slots are one of the most popular types of gambling entertainment. People frequently play them because they are easy to understand and you don’t need much money to try them.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Free Slotomania Coins

The Internet is full of virtual casinos that offer a big variety of slot machines based on various stories. Slotomania is an online gaming platform that consists of more than one hundred high-quality slots with exciting game plots. It should be mentioned that this service has significantly leapfrogged over old-fashioned slots and introduced modern products that deliver the best gaming experience to players.

What is Slotomania?

Slotomania is an online casino that is focused mostly on slot machines. Such niche specialization allows this platform to fundamentally concentrate on its main product and make it unique and top-notch. It is proved by the fact that Slotomania has graphics-intensive games with excellent animation and good sound design. In general, this platform is a perfect mix of traditional casino entertainment and modern gambling solutions. It is legitimate and doesn’t cheat its users.

Slotomania has provided its users with the opportunity to play its games on various devices and operating systems. You can access slots on your personal computer, iOS- or Android-based smartphone (just download the app), or tablet. In addition to this, games are accessible through such services, as Facebook and Amazon.

The casino is promoted as social that is why it includes many features for your convenience while playing with friends and other members. It makes everything more interesting because games with bots and games with real people (especially, when they are your best friends) considerably differ. Slotomania constantly motivates you to communicate and play with more and more users by rewarding you with bonuses.

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Speaking about bonuses, it is important to say that this virtual casino is a real depository of rewards and special offers. For instance, every gambler has a chance to win a huge jackpot. It sounds promising, doesn’t it? However, the main and most-desired option is, of course, free spins because they prolong games and increase your progress.

free slotomania coins 2020

Bonuses in Slotomania – free coins

So, as we have already mentioned, free coins always cheer up players because they mean more opportunities to achieve better results while playing. The more bonuses and coins you gather, the further you can proceed in slots. When you just start playing on Slotomania, you will see that only one game is available to you. New slot machines will be unlocked only if you have a certain amount of virtual currency. It is the major reason why points are of high importance.

Regardless of a device on which you play, you will need to gather as many coins as possible. They will come in handy in many situations. So, now it is necessary to find out how to get them.

The useful tips on how to get free Slotomania coins

There are several ways how to get free virtual currency. Read about the most reliable and easy methods that will help you to get no-cost coins.

The bonus for newcomers

If you are going to play slots for the first time, congratulations, you will get free coins for becoming a member of the Slotomania family. These coins are essential because you won’t be able to play slots without them. To get the welcome bonus, a user should download the app and … that’s all. The only thing you need to do is to have the application on your mobile phone. It isn’t obligatory to sign up or apply special codes. When you get the app to your smartphone, you automatically receive 10 000 free coins.

Free coins for being social

Another way to get more coins for free is to connect your application to your account on Facebook. You will get 10 000 points for this simple task. Here are the instructions on how to get this bonus:

  1. Click the Facebook icon in the app.
  2. Connect your account to the application.
  3. Allow Slotomania to post on your wall.
  4. If you don’t want to allow this, just choose the “Only Me” option for its posts.
  5. Enjoy your additional 10 000 coins.

No-cost coins from Playtika

how to get free slotomania coins

The developer of this online casino, Playtika, has prepared one more opportunity for users to get points. The rules are even simpler here: be a loyal user, play a lot, and the developer will reward you with virtual currency. Besides, gamblers usually select this method when they want to get 1 000 000 coins. Moreover, the instant 1 million coins aren’t the biggest sum of points you can receive. Royal and Black Diamond players get 2 000 000 and 8 000 000 coins.

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The answers to the most popular questions about Slotomania

How to get free Slotomania coins?

Download the app, connect it to your Facebook account, or play more to get no-cost coins.

How to get free coins on Slotomania without surveys?

You can install the app on your smartphone or become a loyal player.

How to get free coins on Slotomania on Facebook?

All you need to do is to connect your account to the application.

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