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The Biggest Lottery Winnings of Recent Years

Author: Catherine Lysenko
30 July 2019, 14:14
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Is there anyone who hasn’t dreamed of lottery winnings at least once? From time to time, even the most notorious naysayers buy a ticket with the change, and then look at the numbers on the off chance. The news say about the latest big lottery winnings, and most of us sometimes apply this role to ourselves.

The Biggest Lottery Winnings of Recent Years

Many believe that all the lottery winners live happily ever after. But, contrary to this opinion, fate is not so favorable to many of them.

Whatever their financial condition was, many of those who won the world’s largest lottery live like everyone else, with the same problems that other people face. In many cases, more money means more problems. 


In February 2015, the largest lottery prize was a $ 564 million jackpot. It was shared between a single mother from North Carolina and a winner from Puerto Rico, who wished to remain anonymous. There were supposed to be three of them, but another contender to win did not show up. As a result, it was decided to devote this part of the winning to charity.


On January 13, 2016, a Tennessee couple, John and Lisa Robinsons, won one third of the historic Powerball jackpot in the amount of $1.58 billion. Like the other two winners, the Robinsons decided to take their winnings in a lump size, having received $327.8 million before taxes.


Two and a half years have passed after the big win, and now the Robinsons live in a 10-bedroom house worth $6.2 million. Their luxury house is located on the area of 320 acres with a private lake and the best view of Tennessee. However, the couple avoids multiple interviews and any attention, including from the relatives who remembered them only after they found out about the record winnings.

Another big lottery win story also occurred in 2016. Marvin and Mae Acosta received the jackpot of $327.8 million. Fearing fraudsters, the couple prefers to stay in the shadows, which is quite reasonable. As soon as they shared their plans to create a charitable organization, the scammers started sending various mails disguised as letters from the Acosta Foundation representatives.


On August 28, 2017, Mavis Vanchik, a 50-year-old woman from the US state of Massachusetts, became the lottery winner of $336 million. She quit her job at the Mercy Medical Center in Springfield and tried to avoid any publicity. When she received her prize, Vanchik declared that she wanted to be alone and find out what to do next. And it seems that this is exactly what she did. Her current location and status are unknown.


On March 30, 2018, a Florida resident Richard Val won one of the biggest lottery prizes ever. The man received $533 million. The 47-year-old winner said that he had bought two lottery tickets at once, one of which turned out to be fateful.

Big Lottery Winnings: How to Receive the Prize?

Big Lottery Winnings: How to Receive the Prize?

In order to find out how to get the lottery winnings, first of all it is necessary to carefully study its rules. Each lottery requires certain conditions to be fulfilled. As a rule, the key provisions can be found on the back of the ticket. If the answer to your question is not found, you can examine the information published on the lottery organizer’s official website. In addition, each customer can seek advice directly from the lottery tickets distributor or by calling the hotline.

According to the law, the prize can be received within 180 days from the date of its announcement. In the case of an instant lottery, it should be paid after announcing the winners, and in the case of a drawing lottery – after the draw.

Small cash prizes not exceeding a few thousand rubles can be received directly at the lottery office, however big winnings require the player to contact the organizers.

Providing the ticket is the most important basis for receiving a prize. Experienced players advise to immediately sign the winning ticket so that nobody else could accidentally get the prize.

Besides, in the case of a large win, you must provide a document confirming your identity, as well as the account number to which the prize money will be transferred.

It is also important to remember that each lottery prize imposes an obligation to pay the appropriate tax. For instance, in Russia the rate is 13%.


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