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Terraria 1.4: The Update’s Release Date and Major Features

Author: Catherine Lysenko
20 May 2020, 16:44
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Tastes differ. On the one hand, sometimes we want to play games like Portal 3 that have impressive graphics and super realistic elements. On the other hand, 2D sandbox games, such as Terraria, give more freedom and excitement to players.

Terraria 1.4: The Update’s Release Date and Major Features

An open-world game Terraria was introduced by Re-Logic back in 2011. You won’t find anything unusual in it: pixels, pixels, and again pixels. However, the atmosphere of this indie game and your unlimited opportunities in it can change your opinion forever.

Terraria – the 21st best-selling video game ever

So, what is Terraria? As it has been already mentioned, it is a sandbox (or open-world) game that is based on the action-adventure principle. Its gameplay is simple: build any constructions you want (from houses to bridges and statues), mine, explore a territory, and craft various things. Terraria has two modes: single-player and multiplayer using which you can play with your friends. The game had been initially launched only for Microsoft Windows but later its versions for other devices, including more operating systems, consoles, and smartphones, were developed as well.

It is important to say that Terraria is extremely popular in the modern gaming world. If to compare it to Minecraft, it will be obvious that this game is as trendy as its legendary competitor. At the same time, some players say that Terraria is even better than Minecraft in terms of fighting and equipment.

terraria 1.4

Approximately 30 million copies were sold after its launch and it got the status of the 21st best-selling game ever. It often enters the top three games on Steam when it comes to its releases. In addition to this, Terraria is very attractive for esports fans. Players frequently participate in various tournaments. You can find out more about esports events in our cybersport news.

According to Terraria’s version history, the game had quite a big number of updates. Let’s consider its latest version – 1.4 – that has recently made much fuss.

Terraria 1.4 release date: why is it so important?

It isn’t a secret that the latest version has attracted much attention. Players from around the world were waiting for it because its developers announced that it would be the final update. By reference to its title – Journey's End – it is clear that Re-Logic has decided to finish this 9-year story indeed. The latest release immensely increased interest in the game: more than 300 000 players during the last month.

When is Terraria 1.4 coming out? The release date of the much-awaited update

The new version has been already launched on May 16, 2020. This update consists of two parts: and The second part is additional and includes small changes. This version is dedicated to the project’s anniversary and its developers say that they have put all love into it and are ready to say goodbye to the game.

The main features of Terraria 1.4 update

when is terraria 1.4 coming out

As it is the final update of Terraria, we can expect that its developers have added a vast deal of features to improve the functionality and make it perfect. Here is the list of all new features of the latest edition:

  • The Journey and Master modes.
  • An encyclopedia that contains information about enemies and other creatures that a user may meet.
  • New kind of entertainment, namely golf.
  • New music.
  • Many variations of the elements of nature, for example, the moon, grass, ocean, etc.
  • A big variety of new characters.

It is a short list of the features that players will see in Terraria. In general, the company has performed much work to make the game superb.

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