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Terminator Resistance Review

Author: Ivanna Shostak
21 November 2019, 15:12
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Poor box office results of the recent film “Terminator: Dark Fate” confirmed the fact that, as a franchise, Terminator cannot achieve the high blockbuster quality of its previous years. And, unfortunately, the game “Terminator: Resistance” is another confirmation of this.

Terminator Resistance Review

It is a first-person shooter video game that was developed Teyon, a well-known Polish company involved in the developing of video games, and published by the UK based Reef Entertainment. In Europe and Australia, the game was released on November 15, 2019. As for gamers from North America, they will be able to enjoy this novelty since December 10, 2019. The video game was published for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Thanks to the following Terminator Resistance game review, you will familiarize yourself with this gaming novelty from Teyon.

Terminator Resistance game

At first sight, the game presents itself as an adventure that takes place in the post-apocalyptic world but, indeed, it seems to be more similar to a typical mission-based shooter taking place in diverse smaller open locations. In the game, the events occur in 2038, shortly before the events of the first film “Terminator”. Gamers put on the laser-burned uniform of the fighter Pvt. Jacob Rivers. He became the only survivor after his unit was wiped out due to an ambush. This is the opening moment of the game.  

Then Rivers meets with a small group of civilians who also managed to survive. They travel to different cities in order to get ahead of the Skynet forces. The main character joins the group as he intends to find other unit’s representatives and share with them information regarding dangerous Skynet’s forces.

This main mission of survival involves a number of generic story missions that consist of exploration of different ruined buildings, avoiding terminator’s patrols, carrying out reconnaissance, and perpetration of acts of sabotage.

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Almost every single element of Terminator Resistance Ps4, as well as Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, shows great potential but, in general, the game is characterized by a large number of shortcomings regarding narrative and technical features. Such aspects of the video game as dialogues, storytelling, combatting and map traversals seem to be obsolete. The developers do not use modern technics – they just utilize the ones from the previous games. This can be one of the reasons why critics say that this is one of the worst video games of the year. Having read a Terminator Resistance Ps4 review from different customers, we can also conclude that the game has a simplistic nature and is not characterized by a lot of features to impress the players.

Its main advantages are the visual and audio effects. Players will probably be satisfied by the powerful use of shadow and light, explosions, gunfire laser blast. The end-of-days score contributes to the exciting atmosphere, and some weapons used by the game’s characters perfectly replicate the unforgettable sounds from the Terminator films.

In our Terminator Resistance review, we also want to mention the system requirements of the game:

system requirements

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In spite of modest production indicators, the game retails for sixty dollars on consoles. Those who make a decision to buy this video game can enjoy only a 10-hour campaign, such things, as interesting offers concerning multiplayer or a possibility to choose different modes are not available. Of course, in the gaming market, there is a great selection of high-quality games with interesting features that can be purchased for even less money. 

The conclusion of our Terminator Resistance review Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows is that this gaming novelty is quite disappointing. A few advantages such as the visual and audio effects do not outweigh many of its shortcomings. Even the avid fans of Terminator will probably remain unsatisfied with this offer from Teyon.

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