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Slot Apps for Real Money: Review of the Market Trends

Author: Igor Balanchuk
25 September 2020, 17:19
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Human nature is predisposed to find the most engaging entertainment if one has enough leisure time. Of course, to take maximum effect, everybody needs switching their physical activity when working and relaxing, while the emotional turn is another way of being recharged. Slot apps for real money are among the easiest ways to increase engagement and involvement in the process, helping to forget about problems and even earn additional cash for other leisure activities.

Slot Apps for Real Money: Review of the Market Trends

What should everyone know about every slot app for real money?

Before choosing the best mobile application or a platform for slot gaming, one has to take into account several important factors. Therefore, one has to check the following aspects: 

  • availability of the license and its origin;
  • depositing and withdrawing procedure;
  • variety of slots;
  • general technical aspects;
  • return rates and welcome bonuses.

Licenses of casino slot applications and websites

Usually, authoritative gambling providers develop comprehensive websites along with mobile versions to cover all the available demand. Nevertheless, the primary step for every online gambling platform is to receive documented permission for the regarded activity. In this case, the Malta gambling license is one of the most popular certificates as this small European country has strict requirements towards applicants, which guarantees the punter's safety. There are also other reliable licenses, while most of the European countries prefer giving their own ones even for the online casinos and betting firms. The country's original license also confirms that the punter can receive the state's assistance in the contradictory cases related to payments or other critical issues.

Depositing and withdrawing if using a slot app

Before choosing the application for playing casino slots, everyone has to pay attention to the digital platform's financial aspects. Thus, leading providers add diverse possibilities to accomplish transactions, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which are conquering the international economic sectors. If the platform cannot offer instant payments or cryptocurrencies, it's time to turn attention on the other slot apps.

The variety of slots an application offers

Slot Apps for Real Money

The coronavirus lockdown showed that the diversity of entertaining content is the core element to attract and keep the customer. The limited opportunities forced even the bookmakers to add slots as the partial replacement of sports events. When the talk is about slots only, the issue becomes even more critical. It forces market leaders to use only reliable online casino software for their applications, as they give needed variety and technical stability. For the customer, choosing a good slot app may be based on the number of offered games: the more slots are there - the better the gambling platform is.

The technical side of the apps that offer slots

An axiom of all recent online platforms is technical stability and speed of pages opening or downloading. It often tells about the seriousness and attentiveness of the online casino provider towards their platform, as smooth functioning increases user experience and return rates. It means that if one cannot open some slot pages on his/her iPhone, Android device, or PC, while the overall app's navigation is slow - it's time to change the gambling harbor.

Starting bonuses and return rates of the slot app

This item is tightly related to the issue of licensing. Thus, most of the European countries have strict rules concerning the return rates in the gambling industry. Local certification and controlling departments monitor lotteries and casinos, including online ones, and force them to increase the services' return rates. It means that punters have much more chances to win.

Another essential aspect Login Casino has to mention relates to starting bonuses. Thus, local gambling controlling bodies have tight rules concerning advertising. Some countries have already forbidden welcome bonuses as part of a program focused on decreasing citizens' gambling addiction. So, if someone finds a super attractive welcome bonus, they should double-check if the slot app is entirely legal in the country.

slots app for real money

Why choose slots for real money app version?

The digital world is smoothly turning to mobile devices, especially if we talk about the customer services sphere. The retail sector reported that more than half of all purchases are made via portable gadgets. The entertaining business also has been switching towards using mobile apps, which causes the growing demand for developers of Android and iOS-driven applications.

Casino slots are not an exclusion from this trend as people prefer having entertaining engagement right in their pockets. As a result, the market leaders have already developed smooth and reliable gambling applications that are available for everyone with a modern Android smartphone or Apple-made iPhone.

One of the standard requirements for any iPhone or Android-driven application is the user-friendly interface with the best possible user experience. In practice, it leads to fewer apps' buttons and making the process of enjoying slots and other gambling activities faster and more pleasant. Furthermore, many online casino providers focus their attention on the mobile sector first, which leads to more colorful interfaces and unexpected slot variants that can even be unavailable on the full website version. Summing up, if one chooses slots for the real money app version, he or she can receive even better emotions while gambling.

Top-5 slots app for real money

Before making the list of the five most suitable real money slots that are available on both Android and iPhones, Login Casino summed up all the requirements mentioned above towards the casino apps. The primary emphasis was made on the licensing issue, and we focused on Maltese gambling permission as the sign of a reliable international gambling platform.

Additionally, Login Casino analyzed the technical aspects and chose the providers that suggest playing on all major devices, including Microsoft-, Android-, and iOS-driven ones. The win-rates were also taken into account, and only those having higher than 95% were selected. What relates to starting bonuses, the platforms suggest the best sign-up rewards, but it can depend on the punter's state of origin and local restrictions.

slots for real money app

As Logic Casino constantly follows the latest casino news, we recommend to choose the following real money casino slots, which are also available to play on the Androids and iPhones:

  • Spin Casino; 
  • Royal Vegas;
  • Jackpot City;
  • Euro Palace;
  • Platinum Play.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any slot apps for real money?

One can find numerous slot apps for real money over the Internet. Login Casino recommends reading our review of slot apps to avoid the negative experience of using gambling applications.

Are there online slot apps for real money?

Most of the real money slot apps are played online after the needed application is installed on your iPhone or Android gadget.

How to choose the best slot apps for real money?

Before choosing the slot app to play for real money, Login Casino advises paying attention to the following: license, depositing and withdrawing methods, variety of the slots, technical aspects, return rates, and welcome bonuses of the platform.

What is the win rate of application-based real money slots?

Leaders of the slot apps market usually offer a win rate higher than 95%, while attractive sign-up bonuses are also available.


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