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Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass

Author: Hanna Nagrebelna
18 October 2019, 10:16
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Since 2013, the Croteam company has been working on the first-person shooter Serious Sam 4. For over five years in a row, it has been intriguing fans with its computer game by gradually reveling its special features. In particular, it is known that this is not a game with an open world. However, it is full of various goals, unexpected plot twists, and puzzles. Since several images of the upcoming game release are already publicly available, it is clear how the main character will look like and whom he’s got to fight against.

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass

Serious Sam 4 release date

The developer promises that Serious Sam 4 maps will become much bigger. It won’t take long until players are able to assess the scale of events that are over-complicated by additional quests and many other special features. In addition, the conditions will turn out to be so hard that the main hero will be unable to move on foot all the time. Therefore, in the new gameplay, there will be various means of transport.

Gamblers are looking forward to the possibility to test the new development and Croteam promises that Serious Sam 4 release date PC will be scheduled by the end of 2019.

The scene takes place in several locations including France and Italy among those already confirmed. Other places are yet to be announced.

Serious Sam 4 ps4

This time the developers did not leave the main hero alone in his fight against the upcoming dangers. On the Badass planet, he will be joined by Rodriguez, Jones, Hellfire and other characters.

Serious Sam 4 for ps4 will be released together with other versions. At least, the developer is not talking about separate presentations and launch of sales.

The available screenshots and teaser will help players to create the image of the shooter’s content. In particular, now it is known what the next types of weapons will be: assault rifle, Desert Eagle, double pump, laser rifle (cloned soldiers will definitely have it), Mingun, launching system, SBC Cannon, shotgun and sniper rifle. Details about other types of weapons are currently kept secret.

Serious Sam 4 news

As it has already been mentioned above, the transport will become one of the main components of the gameplay. Therefore, the images and videos have been examined very attentively in order to include precise details. In Serious Sam 4 PC game the main character will have a few cars, a bulletproof popemobile, a combine harvester thresher, and a motorbike.

Besides, according to the open-source information, the news shooter should contain sprinting, which will be further accompanying the game process of all the editions. Moreover, it is likely that an updated version of Serious Engine will be introduced into Serious Sam 4. Meanwhile, the details regarding new functions, bonus features, as well as the full list of enemies, are yet to be announced (the classical ones for this gameplay will be definitely present, but it is still unclear concerning the new ones).

Serious Sam 4 PC

According to the developers, the upcoming gameplay will contain the main game modes from Serious Sam HD, Serious Sam VR and Serious Sam 3. Nevertheless, any amendments in this edition Croteam keeps secret.

Serious Sam 4 PC gameplay will most probably please gamers with modes from Serious Sam Revolution, for instance, Control Zones.

Among the maps that will definitely be present in Serious Sam 4, Desert Temple, Brkeen Chevap and Little Trouble should be mentioned. The rest will be revealed either closer to the game release or even after.

It should be reminded that Croteam is a Croatian game developer. The majority of games it has released are connected with Serious Sam. The money for the current version has been collected including through the sales of the previous series. It is noteworthy that Croteam is working not only on graphics and storyline but on the gaming software as a result of which it offers players its own unique product.

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