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PurePlay Poker: Detailed Review of the Social Gaming Site

Author: Ivanna Shostak
9 January 2020, 10:37
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Nowadays poker continues to evolve. No one will argue that it is extremely different from what this gambling activity looked like, for instance, five years ago. At present, special features of poker are its amazing graphics, visuals and other effects that help to revitalize the game. Not only the format of poker has changed – the players and their strategies have also adapted fast.

PurePlay Poker: Detailed Review of the Social Gaming Site

One of the drivers of the above-mentioned changes has been online poker. Many experts link online poker development to Chris Moneymaker. In 2003, he played a $86 satellite on PokerStars and won it. This enabled Chris to take part in an even larger satellite that gave the opportunity to participate in the World Series Main Event. The competition was also won by Chris and the player went to Las Vegas to take part in his first live tournament. Contrary to all predictions and hopes, Chris broke through to the final table and managed to win a gold bracelet and a $2,500,000 cash prize.

The player’s success sparked a huge wave of interest in poker among a lot of people, and this phenomenon was called the Moneymaker Effect. The story of how an amateur managed to defeat hundreds of world-class players and made huge money inspired millions of people to start playing online worldwide. In this atmosphere, a number of social gaming websites began to appear. In this article, we will provide a PurePlay Poker review.

What PurePlay platform is and how it works

PurePlay was founded in 2004. It is one of the virtual spaces where you have the opportunity to play for free. It has become quite popular among poker enthusiasts and professional players and turned to be one of the largest US operating poker sites.

According to the conditions of this social gaming site, it provides players with the opportunity to enjoy the true nature of the game not risking losing their hard-earned money.

Among its advantages, it is possible to note a great variety of gaming options such as Texas Hold'em, 5 card stud, Omaha, 7 card stud and others.

This gaming platform promises its visitors that they will get the opportunity to use their skills on the poker tables in more than fifty levels of game play, enjoy new gaming options and receive free bonuses. According to the conditions of the site, poker players share in over one hundred dollars of cash prizes every month.

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What PurePlay platform is and how it works

PurePlay Membership

In order to start enjoying diverse options of this social gaming platform, you will have to register at PurePlay It has three different types of membership:

The first one is a free membership. When you register, you receive some chips. Afterwards, if you need more chips, it will be necessary to win them or buy an additional pack since you will not be topped up every month. PurePlay gives the opportunity to win daily cash prizes for tournaments and if you are a free member, you will be required to register in order to be able to play.

The next option is to try PurePlay club membership. You will have to pay $24.99 every month and, doing this, you will be given five thousand and five hundred chips, as well as fifty poker points every day. Thus, you will be able to participate in diverse tournaments, competitions and prove yourself a strong opponent. Those who have decided to become a club member will get access to numerous cash tournaments and skill based games. Besides, every member gains access to personal statistics and rankings so players can see how they are doing and what they need to improve. In addition, joining the club allows experiencing the software without any ads.

The last option is to buy the VIP membership. You will have to pay $49.95 every. For this, you will receive one million play chips every month. Of course, every VIP member will be able to try all the gaming options represented on this social gaming platform.

It should also be mentioned that PurePlay has a free trial month so if you doubt whether you should purchase a membership, then take the trial month and test out this social gaming platform.

PurePlay Poker Gameplay

The platform tries to provide its customers with the true poker experience to their members and offers a wide range of gaming options to choose from. Therefore, players can experience diverse structures of games, find out which one is the best for them and eventually come up with the strategy to defeat opponents.

PurePlay allows poker fans to try different games. They are:

- Texas hold’em

- 5 card Stud

- Omaha

- 7 card Stud

- Omaha Hi/Lo

- 7 card Hi/Lo

Almost all people nowadays know some information about Texas hold’em while other alternatives remain less popular. PurePlay allows trying diverse variants of poker so you will be able to find your favorite one very quickly and without losing large sums of money.

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PurePlay Poker free download software

PurePlay has designed its software to work efficiently and be similar to real money gambling establishments. When you make PurePlay Poker sign in, you will see the lobby in front of you. Everything seems to be clear and it is easy to navigate between diverse gambling options. Besides, you will get the opportunity to personalize the lobby utilizing filters for what you would like to see – it is a great way to skip to your favorite options once you have discovered them.

You will find out that it is possible to customize such features as cards, colors, tables, as well, as the bet size options. One of the most interesting features is the presence of chat where it is possible to communicate with other players and it is logical since it is a social site.

The gaming platform features a downloadable software but it also offers the PurePlay Poker app that is available for mobile devices. Therefore, poker fans can enjoy interesting gambling activities whenever they have a few free minutes. Developed by PurePlay, the application is extremely user friendly. In order to check this, you can download this app for free. Another positive feature of the software is that you will not find any real bugs in the system so it works well.

However, if you decide to compare PurePlay Poker software download with other similar platforms, for example, PokerStars, you will quickly understand that it is much more basic and features options that you are probably used to.

How to defeat opponents in PurePlay games

How to defeat opponents in PurePlay games

Basic membership gives you instant access to a limited number of poker tournaments on this social gaming platform. In order to be able to participate in other competitions, you will need to request free entries. If you are a VIP member, it is not necessary to request entries – you can start participating in all the competitions instantly.

Thus, entering a competition is evidently the first step to win it. There, in order to defeat your opponents at PurePlay tournaments, you will need a number of skills:

- Quick adaptation. For a poker player, it is the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations at the poker table. In a couple of hands in poker, things can change quickly. In order to win, you have to be able to adapt to diverse situations.

- Reading an opponent. It is one of the valuable poker players’ qualities. Learn to collect and analyze information about your opponents, and making the right decisions will be much easier.

- Self-discipline. In poker, this regards the ability to constantly work on and improve your gaming technique. It is not enough to simply learn the rules and combinations, the subsequent analysis of the game and the elimination of your mistakes is incredibly important.

Therefore, PurePlay Poker for android as well as other platforms is a good place to practice the above-mentioned skills.

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Is PurePlay platform Legal?

PurePlay is a legal platform. It is believed that the platform offers legitimate gambling options in most US states. Of course, there are some exceptions regarding the states but they are noted in the conditions section of the platform.

 Thus, how do they manage to work legally taking into account the fact that gambling is very limited in the United States? PurePlay promotes itself as a subscription-based site about poker. The essential thing is that, due to such a model, real money is not required to take part in PurePlay competitions. From the point of view of the law, this makes the site a sweepstake.

PurePlay Poker reviews

PurePlay Poker reviews

At present, many online gamblers are afraid that they will be fooled by virtual gambling establishments. With regard to PurePlay, earlier, no serious complaints regarding the platform were not noticed. However, at the beginning of the previous year, according to the players’ reviews, the platform became unavailable. When customers tried to log in, they got a message that the PurePlay Poker site is down. Players tried to contact customer support in order to solve the problem but all their efforts were not successful. Some of them had earlier purchased chips and had a considerable number of poker chips on their accounts. Even after a certain time, clients did not manage to solve the issues.


One year ago, we would have gladly recommended the PurePlay platform for all poker fans taking into account the fact that it was not necessary to make deposits in order to enjoy a wide range of gaming options. However, the situation that occurred the previous year made us conclude that gamblers should not trust this platform due to PurePlay Poker cheats.

As mentioned earlier, Adrian Mateos, a 25-year old Spaniard, became the winner of the European Poker Tour Prague.

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