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Prototype 3 release date is around the corner: what to expect from the developers?

Author: Catherine Lysenko
11 October 2019, 13:59
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Prototype 3 – a computer open-world action game. The first two parts have already gained success and popularity among crowds of fans that are waiting for the game’s continuation. The developers are currently working on its creation but the information about the date of prototype 3 release remains a secret.

Prototype 3 release date is around the corner: what to expect from the developers?

Activision, the next owner of rights for the game after Radical Entertainment, is interested in continuing the project. Preparatory work, as well as the process of game development of the third part, started when the first two parts were reissued. The key point of the first two editions is the following: the main hero has experienced strange situations as a result of which he discovers supernatural skills together with a series of problems he has to solve.

Concerning the requirements for prototype 3 2019, the only thing known is that the game will be released with a completely new engine. The development will be carried out by an anonymous studio which has already worked on Doom, GTA, Assasin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid.

Prototype 3: news about the storyline

According to Ken Rossman’s comment on the internet, it has been decided to move away from the usual narrative. Therefore, it might be concluded that developers will act more freely while creating the third part. Perhaps, Prototype 3 pc will be released as a first-person shooter, where the military will be placed in the jungle in order to carry out special tasks. The main thing in focus is a virus, which provides great opportunities for experiments.

Besides, there is a non-official version of the storyline, according to which the main hero saves his family in New York from prosecution. However, due to circumstances, he ends up in Washington, where the development process of a secret weapon is being carried out. During the experiment, a virus comes out, which is necessary to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Moreover,  the storyline of the second part of prototype 3, release date ps4 of which has not been disclosed yet, is not finished. Therefore, the narrative is likely to be continued. In this case, it is easier to predict the plot. The main character will be replaced. The quality level of the process of buildings destruction and landscape elements will be much higher, the dynamics of confrontation with police will be increased, the atmosphere of infected districts will become increasingly tense.

Prototype 3: PS4 and other platforms

According to some resources, prototype 3 date release will be in 2021. Insiders say that the reason for the third part’s release postponement is several launches of the development process from the very start. The Activision management team was not satisfied with the initial results. It is worth mentioning that after the PS5 release the game will be even more spectacular.

Prototype 3 for PS4 will definitely be released. The first two parts have already been available on Play Station 4 for quite a while. Interesting enough, but when the game was reissued there was no advertisement from Activision. With each new reissuing Activision enhances the quality of effects and textures.

Prototype 3 for PC: developers’ promises

In 2012 Activision stated that the game would be released not only for PC but for other popular platforms as well. It remains to be seen whether on the Prototype 3 game release date the developers will finally announce the game’s features and possibilities.

However, in all other aspects, the third part is unlikely to be out of the basic concept – confrontation between a human with superpowers and mutants as well as other heavily armed people. One of the drawbacks in the first parts is the storyline and working on details. Therefore, it is obvious that the developers will address these issues first of all. And now the only thing left is monitoring news regarding prototype 3 release date pc and keeping on hoping for it to be soon.

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4 April 2020

Prototype 2 is one of the best game I played in my life(gameplay) everrr.I played the game atleast 20-30 times including all the collectibles and everything.The gameplay is so addictive and spectacular.One of the reason I became an Animator is to make these kind of games which can grab on to people's minds and make their every second entertained.I so much love this game and when I just read prototype 3 is coming.if it is true pleaaaase please give us a story that we can feel(like last of us and days gone) and I would really love to be a part of prototype3.I love this game.One other thing I love in prototype 2 is if you stand anywhere in that openworld without doing anything and at that moment,that moment is when magic starts.The game A.I the amazing programming and animations makes me feel like everything is so real(real as in if we are in that world).Soldiers attacking zombies,zombies attacking back,humans running for their life and gets attacked,people turning into zombies,vehicles explosions,helicopters and monsters running around causing mayhem, everything I mean everything is so beautiful(As a game).I'm playing prototype 2 right now and I will play this again and again because everything(except story )so far is awesome.????????????

1 April 2020

personalmente preferirei un gioco in terza persona cosi per vedere il caos, la distruzione e le trasformazioni del personaggio storia o cosi detta "campagna" dovrebbe essere cosi secondo me:noi siamo di nuovo Heller come nel Prototype 2, nostra figlia e cresciuta e assomiglia molto a suo padre,ma un pericolo arriva in citta,arriva il cosi atteso Alex Mercer Che dopo lo scontro con Heller non la ucciso completamente ma il problema piu grande e che e tornato piu forte di prima voglioso di vendetta, cosi Mercer Si avvicina a nostra figlia mentre esce da scuola,infettandola e spaventando con orribili trasformazioni tutti e inizia a infettare tutta la citta come nel nel secondo capitolo,ora Heller e molto arrabbiato e ha fame di una vendetta per riportare in se sua figlia,Heller nel finale uccide Mercer ,ma non e finita ora deve affrontare sua figlia infettata dal virus,La ragazza uccide il padre Heller senza neanche pensare alle conseguenze,cosi nel capitolo 4 saremo la figlia e invece di essere buoni saremo cattivi assetati di sangue e per infettare tutti,ma un nuovo nemico arriva in citta e dovremo affrontarlo.questo e quello che penso io,inoltre vorrei nel capitolo 3 lo schermo condiviso e la modalita Online con una storia e personaggi diversi.

Ely lukes
20 March 2020

I believe the next prototype should evolve around heller and some new character being introduced into the story to seem more interesting and still keep the same platforms ps4 and Xbox one with the same third person shooter or action gameplay excited to see the results

Aidynn Williams
13 March 2020

I would personally love it if the game stayed third person so the player could see all of the destruction and chaos as well as the character being controlled. I mean it's not a prototype game if you cant see the awesome transformations and what not. Story are my best assets when talking about prototype. I think that Alex Mercer should still be alive regaining strength while Heller is slowing down due to consuming too much of the virus and you all can go on with the story however you like. Or the player could play as Moriah the son of Elizabeth greene. Moriah is the weapon for the blacklight military, he feels Heller's immense power and goes Rogue fighting against the blacklight military hoping to see Alex but only meets Heller and getting furious aiming to destroy Heller. Heller only now understands why Alex acted the way he did noticing the only way to get rid of the virus is to destroy the core and right now, Heller is the core. You play as Moriah seeking to destroy Heller because he meant to meet alex to get ansers to why his mother was infected and why she's dead. Heller is destroying the city and causing Havoc around the city trying to get Moriah's attention but no one comes so he does something to get to Moriah personally and you can finish off the story. What I'm trying to say is I just want the same experience of the first prototype and I just want a good upcoming game that won't make me dislike the franchise. I love this game and hope you all do well. And if I sound idiotic it's because I'm only 15 and I've been wanting to continue the story myself so thank you if you read this

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