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Project Awakening Release Date

Author: Andy Hernádez
4 December 2019, 14:32
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Do action roleplaying games with just the right amount of fantasy, magic, adventure, and adrenaline rush tickle your fancy? Then the project awakening game might just be your favorite yet. Wait to find out the scoop we’ve got for you.

Project Awakening Release Date

For some time now, game developers have been trying to push the boundaries of video games with each release surpassing the latter. However, it’s one thing to make promises in a press release and another to deliver and although we are yet to see Cygames’ Project Awakening, it’s safe to say that it might just be their best yet. So if you play video games online for a living, you might want to keep your eyes on this one because you wouldn’t want to be the last amongst your peers to play it. And if you haven’t yet watched the trailer, don’t be bothered because we are going to give you a detailed account of all the happenings in the trailer.

So what is Project Awakening? It’s an action RPG game developed by Cygames that features photorealistic graphics and amazing gameplay. It was first announced last year at the game show for Play station in Tokyo; other than and the release of the trailer,  that nothing substantial been reported yet. Nonetheless, we’ll not give you speculations and hang you out to dry. Oh, and did we forget to mention that the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) board rated a yet to be released trial version of the game; however, it was shortly pulled down but before we got a good look at it, and it read as follows “This trial version will allow players to get a taste of the combat and action from Project Awakening, an action role-playing featuring photorealistic graphics. In project Awakening: Arise……..”. And that was all the description they could give before its disappearance.

But we’ve got a lot more to say thanks to an interview conducted with the Executive Producer at the E3 2019 event. As aforementioned, it’s going to an action role-playing game but with an open world and a multiplayer option between 4 to 12 players. It’s also going to have a class-based system but as to how exactly that’s going to look like is still up in the air. Cygames also plans to make it a balance between action and storytelling so we’ll likely get the best of both worlds. Another interesting feature that will play a key role in the gameplay is the co-op feature. To be precise, some levels and opponents will require teamwork in the gameplay in order to overcome the challenge. So what makes this trailer more unique than most?

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From the get-go, anyone you could tell that this beast of a game will quickly become an addiction due to its exceptional graphical display and the fluidity of the motions that take place in the trailer. The game opens with an early morning hue on land that portrays the aftermath of a heavy battle and slightly hidden from view is the shape of a mythical creature. Before long comes our hero as he walks through aerated greenery of land in the next scene. The real action takes place as he faces off against a dragon-like creature that you wouldn’t want to miss for the world. 

Project Awakening PS4 Release Date

Unfortunately not much is known about the Project Awakening release date PS4, however, we reckon that it’ll properly be released somewhere in 2020 given that this year is almost over. In any case, we dare say that the wait will be worth it. Given Play station 4’s reputation for bringing video games to life, buttressed by a CPU boasting of 8/8 cores, and an 8GB memory as well many other powerful hardware features; It’s safe to assume that playing a game with such photorealistic graphics on it will be phenomenal, to say the least.

Project Awakening PC Release Date

Much like on the Project Awakening PS4 release date is still unknown, the project awakening PC release date, as well as that of other gaming platforms, is still unknown. In any case, a game with such graphical details might not be operable on a PC with low specs, which is unfortunate. On the other hand, if you’ve got a machine with a powerful CPU, motherboard as well as all the essential hardware specs for a gaming PC then this game is right up in your alley.

Project Awakening PC Release Date

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From all indications, the Project Awakening Cygames project will likely become one of the best that has ever hit our screens. From the array of stunning features like swordplay and monsters to detailed graphics, the likes we’ve probably never seen before; this game certainly holds promise.  Cygames even took inspirations from the likes of Game of Thrones and Lord of Rings. And if the production of a game is inspired by two of the best movies of all time, then it’s either going to fail miserably or be a record-smashing hit and from the looks of things, Project Awakening might just be the latter.

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