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Portal 3: Release Date, Success of the Previous Parts and the Creator’s Comments

Author: Catherine Lysenko
22 October 2019, 14:37
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The following article will regard a puzzle game developed by Valve Corporation whose first parts take place in the Half-Life universe. The main feature of the first games is the level with a certain companion cube, a lot of Easter eggs, and, of course, the need to sort out different mysteries.

Portal 3: Release Date, Success of the Previous Parts and the Creator’s Comments

The peculiarity is that in the process of passing the level the character of the game is strongly discouraged from talking to the cube. In addition to this, the main character is constantly committing daring acts. No wonder one of the screenwriters is the famous Canadian comedian Jay Pinkerton. The main gameplay is carried out through a special gun, thanks to which the Portal games are created.

When will Portal come out? Many people look for an answer to this question. Thus, Portal was released in 2007, and Portal 2 came out in 2011.

In the coming years, according to some assumptions and rumors, the company Valve (the developer of CS, Half Life, Dota2) is preparing a new format for Portal 3. For example, today there is already a bridge-builder simulator in the Portal universe with the GLaDOS character from Portal 1 and 2. Players build bridges using improvised means so that a truck can pass on them. Some may say that the genre of this game is a niche, but should developers be so underestimated? The main highlight of the game – portals – will remain. Do you want to try other interesting options, then a popular game Prototype 3 may seem quite interesting for you.

What the developers are still working on, except for the Portal 3 PS4 game

Gabe Newell, while answering the questions, said that there would be new single-player full-scale games in the Portal universe. He has also clarified that he understands the responsibility to fans and that is why he listens to their opinion. Gabe also emphasizes that he does not know exactly when the Portal 3 release will be.

Currently, the company's developers are actively working on creating their artificial intelligence, and are planning an announcement of the projects based on the intersection of technologies.

Portal 3 ps4 game

Photo source: steam

Drawing on an interview with one of the scriptwriters Erik Wolpaw, we can conclude that the Aperture Science laboratory hasn’t been wiped off the face of the earth at the end of the second part of the game. Such a statement only indicates the possibilities for the development of the plot based on its original foundations. If playing video games is one of your biggest passions, read the article about the best tips in Crysis 4.

Will it be known when Portal 3 is coming out?

As you can see, the developers of the company do not stand idly by and this year they have released not Portal 3 for PS4, but something that is even more interesting. Aperture Hand Lab is truly a breakthrough in 2019. The mini-game was created separately for the headset from Valve, rather, as a demo version. The special feature of this headset is its controllers that track the fine motor skills of the hands. To add, there are virtual reality glasses that go with the game. Such technologies may be involved in the Portal 3 game.

However, a year earlier, before the release of Aperture Hand Lab, although work was already underway on the Fury project, and Portal 2 screenwriter Jay Pinkerton returned to Valve, Gabe’s son said that, in his opinion, it was time for the company’s employees to realize the most daring ideas. And while looking forward to the release of Portal 3, you can try other interesting options, for instance, the best Outlast 3 PC game.

Portal 3: news and fans' expectations

Meanwhile, a gun turret from Half Life and Portal 1, 2 has already been created. This further confirms the genius of the developers and the success of their products among users and colleagues in the gaming industry. This model moves independently recognizes colors and shoots with plastic darts.

Portal 3 news

Photo source: steam

The company has also shared a trailer, as many players believe it is the Portal III trailer, but it has immediately deleted it. However, it is not a secret to anyone how game developers like to stir up fans’ interest in such a way. At the company’s official sources in the screenwriters’ section, there is also Sean Vanaman, director of Campo Santo, who has joined Valve in 2018.

Despite all this, to say when Portal 3 is coming out is still difficult, since no one has given accurate and specific information about this.

Demand for Valve products is large, so developers are unlikely to refuse to release a new Portal game on all popular PC, PS (including PS4), Xbox (Xbox One), macOS, and Linux platforms. Follow interesting esports news not to miss the most expected releases of diverse games.

The future of the Portal series

At the moment, it’s very difficult to predict what is the future of this extremely popular series as the developers do not provide any detailed information. Thus, we just need to wait for official comments.

Portal 4: will it be released?

Many fans of series also want to know whether Portal 4 will be released in the future. However, no one knows the exact answer – first you need to wait for the release of the third part of the popular series.

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Frequently asked questions

Will there be Portal 3?

According to some news, Portal 3 may not be released.

Is Portal 3 coming?

The information about its release is still unknown.

How many Portal games are there?

There are 2 parts in the Portal series.

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