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Know the exact Outlast 3 Release Date in 2021 (Updated)

Author: Andy Hernádez
26 January 2021, 17:33
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Red Barrels, who are notorious for creating horror games characterized by omnipresent darkness with just enough lightening to find your way but never enough to dim your panic have once again announced their intentions to develop an outlast 3 game. So let’s not keep you waiting.

Outlast 3 Release Date

The first person survival horror franchise that we’ve all come to know as Outlast was first introduced to our screens back in 2013 but it wasn’t until a year later that it was released on PS4 as was the case with the debut of the Whistleblower add-on. Years later, Outlast 2 debuted in 2017 which also embodied the core principles of the Out last Universe and was probably one of the most terrifying games to play.

Will there be an Outlast 3?

When is Out last 3 coming out?

Truth be told, ever since the release of Outlast  2 in 2017, there’s been rumors and speculations about the possibility of an outlast series trilogy; however, there was no concrete evidence until Red Barrels confirmed it on Facebook. Nonetheless, other than the hint of a possible Outlast 3 in the foreseeable future, nothing else has surfaced about the plot, gameplay, or release date. As it stands, Outlast 3 release date PC or console is still up in the air. 

Having said that, it’s not within our nature to just leave you hanging so we’ll give our honest opinion based on some patterns we’ve observed from the previous two series. At first glance, you can make the conclusion that both Outlast 1 and 2 plots took place at two different locations. The former took place in a mental hospital whiles the latter is set on an Arizona desert plagued with psychopathic religious factions, relentless lunatics and carnivorous mindless monsters. Another obvious similarity is the fact that both series had different main characters and an all too familiar antagonist:  Murkoff Corporation.

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Outlast 3

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From these deductions, it’s safe to assume that future plots will definitely be different settings and it’ll likely feature the stories of different protagonists as well. And hopefully, players will be able to defend themselves as in the coming series as compared to running and hiding whenever confronted by the creatures in the gameplay. All in all, to answer the question, “when is Outlast 3 coming out?”, we’ll assume that it’ll likely be released in the year 2020 or 2021.

Outlast 3 release date for PS4

Will there be an Outlast 3 on PS4 console?

This is also one particular question that many fans have been wondering about for quite some time now. It goes without saying that the Outlast franchise without it being on consoles like Xbox and Playstation, as such, fans should expect the release of Outlast 3 around the same time it debuts.

Looking back at the history of the franchise, it’s evident that developer Red Barrels has mastered the art of horror storytelling in the video game genre. So fans should expect nothing short of thrilling plots, filled with aggressive gene-altered monsters that will keep them constantly at the edge of their seats. Unfortunately, this is all we have for Outlast 3 news presently; however, we continue to keep you posted should anything change in the foreseeable future.

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As mentioned earlier, with the release of the likes of Resident Evil 2, The Division 2,  Luigi’s Mansion and many others; Evidently, 2021 has seen some of the most popular and best video games of the millennial age. Needless to say, getting to this point in history has been one riddled with many setbacks and successes as well but developers in the video game niche never gave up and we are grateful for that. We can only imagine what the prospects of video games will be like going forward if this continues. In any case, we’ll keep you posted regardless of the outcome.

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12 February 2021

Please make sure in this next outlast installment that you Can't just tea bag ur way through the game? Please? If you spam crouch they can't detect u. Super boring, could beat them both in 20 minutes. Get ur act together

26 January 2021

Just finished all the other outlasts for the 4 time, looking forward to the new one

2 January 2021

when exactly does it come out outlast 3

Richard Cantelo
1 January 2021

Please get on with it.

Richard Cantelo
1 January 2021

God, they're taking their time!

Огњен Зајебани
20 July 2020

I wish Outlast 3 will come out in 2020. Im bored of beating Outlast 1 and 2 for 100 times :D

Bernard Sanderman
6 June 2020

overall pretty average, could go either way

barracks obomber
6 June 2020

real good game, outlast 3 lotta room for improve, thank

dolan drumph
6 June 2020

1/5 no outlast 3 do not recommend

4 April 2020

i hope it comes out this year.

Richard Cantelo.
3 April 2020

Hopefully this year.

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