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Outer Worlds Review

Author: Emmanuel Akuffo Addo
10 December 2019, 18:14
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Are you yet to get your hands on Obsidian Entertainment’s latest release? If so then our Outer World review PS4 will definitely come in handy. And we can assure you that this game is everything and more.

Outer Worlds Review

From the warehouse of the developers of  Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, and Dungeon Sige III comes another highly graphical hitmaker: The Outer World. Set in an alternate dystopian futuristic galaxy controlled by a corporate board, you are the unplanned variable in the corporate equation for control over the galaxy. The storyline portrays an alternate reality where US President Mckinley was never assassinated. This meant that Theodore Roosevelt never took office after him paving way for the autonomy and world domination by larger corporations well into the future. Your character: the hero of this story, is woken up decades later from his cryogenic sleep by a highly wanted fugitive of a scientist:  Phineas Welles. This follows the unfortunate turn of events as your space ship which was initially bound for the furthest reach of the galaxy gets off course and abandoned in the galaxy.  On a lighter note, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the generic space-based storylines usually revolve around the protagonist’s ship getting lost in space. And although this may be predictable at best, the unfolding of the plot coupled with the graphical details and immersive action will leave you wanting for more.

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As you’ve probably guessed by now, there’s no hero without a protagonist. That being said, no one fits the role of the opposition better than the evil mega-corporations that have taken over the colonies in the Outer Worlds universe. Unlike most games, Outer Worlds engages players in dialogues which further employs different branching stories. In other words, the choices you make in the game reflect later on as the plot progresses.

Outer World is an action role-playing game that features lots of interesting and badass characters amongst which some are friends or foes. It allows you to unlock a space ship that serves as your inventory space and your means of fast travel to different destinations in the game. You get to create your own team each of which has special abilities. However, you gain points as you progress, which helps you to upgrade upon your combat and overall proficiency, as well as, that of your companions. You can also use different combinations of weapons such as firearm and melee. If you haven’t seen or played this game yet, then you are definitely missing out and nobody wants that.  

The Outer World Review, Tweaks, and Upgrades

Unfortunately, although the Outer World is a remarkable game, to say the least, it still has a few bugs that need fixing on both console and Outer World review PC but wait just yet. The silver lining is that developers are currently working on a patch that will fix these problems and should be released during the course of the coming weeks. Some of the issues that need fixing include:

  1. Chromatic Aberration Setting which should be available on all platforms.
  2. Playstation 4 and Xbox One will now have an added field of view.
  3. All platforms will also have an added bobbing setting.
  4. Fix issues related to the audio cutting out while scrolling.
  5. Getting notified when your comrades gain perks from quests.
  6. Consumables screen will now have SuperNova meters.

The Outer World Review (PS4)

Sticking to their promise, the Outer World was released later this year and we must say that it’s all that we imagined it to be and more. As of now, it’s available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC; however, we are yet to see a Nintendo version.

What conclusion can be made thus far after our PS4 the Outer World review as well as that of other gaming platforms? Given the overall positive feedback since the game was released, it’s safe to assume that fans really love it and we are confident that you’ll be singing a different tune once you start playing.

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