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Online Platforms for Foreign Players: Main Properties

Author: Catherine Lysenko
26 July 2019, 13:49
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Over the past few years, the gaming industry on the Internet has broken all records in terms of speed of development. This segment is legal not in all CIS jurisdictions. However, in countries where it is legalized, players are attracted by the range of opportunities and features of online casinos and betting shops. We conducted an analysis of legal markets in order to find out what platforms foreign gamblers prefer to use and why.

Online Platforms for Foreign Players: Main Properties

For example, interactive gambling sites are prohibited in Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Azerbaijan and some other states of the CIS region. The exceptions are online bookmakers, which also have their own sites.

In a number of other countries, such as the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and others, gamers have the opportunity to play online casinos. Belarus has recently become the first of the post-Soviet countries that has brought this sector of the market out of the shadows.

We tried to determine the main properties of the best online casinos in the world, as well as remote betting platforms. The ranking of the best online casinos was compiled mainly on the basis of the players’ feedback.

One of the main features of the world's best casinos is a diverse portfolio of games.

Interesting fact

The first online casinos were founded in the UK in 1997. However, they soon became popular world brands.

Foreign gamers are often attracted by a wide range of games. According to our monitoring, the local market offers them non-standard solutions in addition to classic casino games, such as poker with live dealer. Guided by a similar principle and using foreign experience, domestic bookmakers offer to the clients expanded betting lines and develop competent marketing programs to attract new players. Software used in legal gambling and entertainment areas in the Russian Federation has to comply with similar requirements.



The key to creating the proper ranking of the world’s best online casinos is their legality. This criterion is taken into account by experienced players, because the legality of business operations in a particular jurisdiction is a guarantee that payments will be made in full and on time. Each interactive gambling establishment, which values ​​its reputation, has an operation license. As a rule, the most popular territories where permission can be obtained are Gibraltar, Malta, Great Britain, Curaçao, the Isle of Man. Most platforms, given this information, have exactly the licenses of the countries listed above.

According to the results of our analysis, we determined that the majority of countries in which online gambling is legal, allow the activity of such operators on their territory. However, some countries, including the Netherlands, are blocking the work of these resources.

Site Design

Another equally important element is the design of the site. The starting point for the creator of any online gambling resource is simplicity. The user shouldn’t waste time trying to figure out which of several dozens of unnecessary buttons to push. Everything should be simple and intuitive, so that the gamer could make sense out of the sections and choose what interests him.

The research devoted particular attention to the color scheme. Too bright, harsh colors prevent the user from concentrating, can distract attention and irritate the eyes. That is probably why such occasions are rare.

Site Design

However, the owners of such sites are guided by another rule. They try to keep the balance, so that the page does not turn out to be too "plain" and at the same time prevent the gamer from forgetting about why he visited the interactive gambling site.

Multilingual Interface

Multilingualism, not limited to two or three languages, is also one of the specific features of the best online casinos. This makes the game accessible to citizens of several countries at once, which, of course, is beneficial for the operators themselves. On the other hand, it provides comfort for users, who do not have to understand the functions and translate the website, especially since the  aspects misunderstanding may lead to unpleasant consequences for the gamer, especially if the information is related to cash withdrawals or deposits.


As a rule, the world’s best online casinos have awards and prizes, which is a recognition of their high status in online gambling. Relevant documents, certificates of obtaining licenses and permits are placed in separate sections of the sites.

Technical Support

Each online casino provides customer support service. In most cases (approximately 80% of the viewed platforms), the customer can use the service 24 hours a day. This is due to the fact that users of the best online casinos of the international level live in different time zones, and during the game a player may have various questions.


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