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Online Gambling: Basic Conditions

Author: Catherine Lysenko
30 July 2019, 08:13
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The starting point for creating a gambling business is its legality. The article considers promotion tools for virtual gambling establishments for jurisdictions where this type of gambling activity is legal.

Online Gambling: Basic Conditions

Many countries prohibit or restrict gambling activities at the legislative level. In particular, since 2009, gambling outside gambling zones, including the online casinos creation and promotion, has been banned in the Russian Federation. However, since 2016, bookmakers have the right to operate online. The main conditions for this are the relevant permission, participation in the SRO, and tax payment.

Some countries support  land-based casinos development, but prohibit online gambling in any form. It is significant that the majority of European countries, despite strict regulation, support the creation and development of new markets.

Therefore, this material analyzes the tools and mistakes of the operators who work in those countries where online gambling is legal.

Condition 1

One of the tasks of foreign operators is to get the site to the top of search engines. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of casino sites, and there are several popular search systems. Based on this, online casinos promotion requires a lot of time and money.

Without exception, all sites resort to online casinos advertising. It is regulated by law, depending on the specific jurisdiction where the developer plans to work. Accordingly, the marketing strategy of promotion must strictly comply with the prescribed rules, otherwise the site will be blocked by the regulatory authority. In addition, gambling is a highly competitive environment in which most of the traffic was monopolized by world-famous giants.

Based on this, it can be concluded that tracking of advertising standards of different jurisdictions is one of the tools for online gambling existence, as well as preparing unique advertising content whose advantages make it stand out.

Condition 2

Operators point out that one of the main resources in creating any kind of business is personnel, namely, a team of specialists that works on a specific project.

A common mistake for the newcomers is to hire one person for several types of casino advertising: SEO, SMO, SEM, social network, email marketing and contextual/display advertising.

In the highly specialized sphere, two specialists of digital department are enough for payback and business profitability, but in the field of gambling it is necessary to have a whole team. Thus, one more condition is to carry out a detailed SWOT analysis of competitors and those tools that are already used in the industry before starting any business. The main thing is to understand that online casino promotion starts with developing the site, selecting content and purchasing licenses.

How to promote online casinos legally? There are 5 main ways to do this, namely:

  1. Site optimization for search queries.
  2. Contextual display system.
  3. Promotion in social networks.
  4. Partnership programs.
  5. Web analytics.

Condition 3

Condition 3

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the prominent elements of online casino promotion, which is used by foreign sites. Basic SEO tools are free of charge (except for specialized software).

These are the problems foreign SEO-specialists encounter when promoting a casino site, and the ways to solve them:

  • Setting up site indexing. Prior to indexing, a web resource is assigned to a domain, and it can only be visited with direct links.  With the help of indexing the site begins to exist for search engines. Thus, the obligatory condition for the existence of such resources is that information about a web page (pictures, text and elements) shall be added to the database.
  • Resource preparation. All tags, descriptions, titles and external links of such resources shall be customized. Particular attention is paid to external links. Complex links with strange characters negatively affect the site ranking in a search engine. That is why you will not find them when searching. Also, SEO-optimizer works with the site headline. You need to work with headlines and keys to get the web page to the top of search engines.
  • Keywords selection. Despite the fact that we live in the era of visual elements used in sites coding, search engines traditionally give web resources to users not by pictures, but by text. Therefore, keywords can be matched by using special programs. As a result, low-frequency and high-frequency queries are ranked by topics of interest.

Condition 4

Contextual Advertising Network (CAN) is the second tool for promoting online casinos, which uses software of search engines. With the help of CAN, operators determine the audience by key requests, interests, locations, age and other parameters, and launch an advertising campaign. In this regard, advertising appears on the websites of webmasters (resources that provide their sites for CAN), as well as on the search engines themselves.

The promotion of an online casino site on Google can be done through two main CAN tools, which, as we managed to find out, are used by operators. These are Google AdWords and Google Display Network. Google AdWords helps advertisers to find customers through their search queries, such as “online games for free,” “how to win a casino.” Advertising site will be shown to these users. This same group of users is the target audience.

The Google Display Network is a contextual service that helps to attract a player even before the moment when he formulated a search query. Search engines know a lot about users. This allows to divide people who use search engines into groups by interest. Sometimes users do not even suspect why they see the advertisement of exactly those products that they need. And foreign operators actively use this tool to promote goods and services.

The next action is remarketing. Thus, interested users are additionally selected. With the help of remarketing, advertising is sent only to the people who previously visited the website. This tool, according to relevant media, is able to increase conversion by 15–20%. Repeated visits also affect the site reputation, and search engines rank it as useful.

Condition 5

Condition 5

Casino promotion in social networks is another condition for its existence and a tool that helps operators to daily communicate with the audience and contributes to creating a pool of regular customers. With the help of advertising in social networks developers also increase users loyalty.

As a rule, widely promoted sites have their own large communities. This allows them to get organic social traffic. In addition, social networks have their own CAN, within which advertising campaigns can also be launched. And this is another stage of SMM promotion of a casino site.

The choice of network depends on the region the developer focuses on. The most common option for European jurisdictions where online gambling is legal is Facebook. The main strength of SMM, in addition to paid advertising, lies in the content. High-quality, unconventional and original content gives an opportunity to arouse the interest of the player. SMM begins with the positioning and identification of target audience insights (secret needs).

Condition 6

Now there are many affiliate programs on the gambling market. These are affiliate networks through which the advertiser places banners on thematic sites. And this is another tool to promote online casinos.

According to the analysis, there are several large partner systems that are designed exclusively for the promotion of gambling products and are used by operators. There are also wider affiliate networks.

Typically, the sites are tested by the advertiser, after that several of the most effective sites are selected for promotion, and then the webmaster and the advertiser cooperate on the basis of partnership that is protected by the rules of the affiliate network.

Condition 7

Condition 7

Another tool of their work, not visible to the user, are interactive reports with charts and advertising metrics. With the help of analytics, the developer has the opportunity to know his target audience better. Later he uses this information for further advertising campaigns.

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