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Mount and Blade 2

Author: Yana Kryvosheina
26 December 2019, 13:15
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Mount & Blade 2 is a game being developed by the Turkish company TaleWorlds. The new development, which was announced back in 2012, is considered a prequel to Mount & Blade. The Login Casino team tried to find out when the Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord will be released.

Mount and Blade 2

Although the Action/RPG open-world game is not among the most popular ones, it still has its audience of fans that are looking forward to the upcoming release.

Interesting fact

Initially, the game was being developed by two people – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Armağan Yavuz and his wife. The project about the medieval times started its way in a family garage.

The story starts 200 years before the Mount & Blade: Warband, namely, in the times of the Calradic Empire’s collapse and formation of independent kingdoms. The end of this empire can be compared with the destruction of the Roman Empire and the creation of the early European kingdoms. Architecture, weapons and armor of 600-1200 AD create a certain atmosphere of that epoch. After the fall of Calradia, mercenary groups, as well as bandit gangs and nomad tribes, start to appear. The character has to join any of them in order to prevent the total collapse of the empire or contribute to its terminal decline.

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Mount and Blade 2: release date

In September 2012 the TaleWorlds team announced the game and released its teaser. The second part of the game will have modified graphics due to the enhancement of Engine Power. The models will be elaborated in more detail and shadows will become more realistic. In the process of development, animation has received the technology of motion capture, therefore, the heroes’ mimics will look more realistically and naturally.

The soundtrack in the previous parts was not too good in terms of quality, that is why fans can only hope for its improvement in the next version.

The creators have not announced the official Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord release date yet. On November 19, 2016, the game was released in Steam.  After a break, the game developers reminded that their creation would be released in March 2020.

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord: latest news and system requirements

The topic of the latest record is the moral factor of the squad. It seems to be one of the crucial components of success in military processes. According to the open sources, the level of fighting spirit will influence the unit’s military capacity. After each passed stage of the game, the level will be recalculated while the result will depend on a number of aspects.

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In case the level of persistence and courage is high, all the preconditions for victory can be formed even before the battle starts. The authors highlighted that the moral factor will be increased after each fight as well as it will decrease if the character starts exiting fights too often, stops paying salaries or leaves the army without any food supply.

The moral spirit can be low in case of big losses during battles. When seeing many of their companions dying, fighters lose enthusiasm and can leave the battlefield. However, prevalence over their enemies raises the spirit and opponents receive a penalty to their fighting spirit. The bigger the initial moral rate is, the higher the chances for victory are.

When talking about system requirements for Mount & Blade 2, it should be mentioned that the game will be released for PC and playstations. But the exact date for each version still remains unknown. If technical requirements for PC are not high, it will complicate the gaming process. Anyway, the PC version of Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord will definitely have its special features.

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