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Minecraft Dungeons Release Date, News, and Gameplay

Author: Emmanuel Akuffo Addo
4 December 2019, 14:20
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One would think that with the uncontested title as “the best selling video game of all time”, Mojan would be satisfied, but oh no, far from it. During the recent Microsoft E3 2019, Mojan announced the development of the new Minecraft Dungeon which has gotten the already solid Minecraft fanbase super excited. So if you are looking for the solid scoop on the release date and all things Minecraft related then there’s no need to look any further because we’ve got you covered.

Minecraft Dungeons Release Date, News, and Gameplay

Over the past few years, Minecraft has become a household name due to its unique ability to appeal to both the young and old. To that end, the developers have decided to step it up a notch with Minecraft Dungeons release which offers whole new possibilities and gameplay to the Minecraft Universe and you’ll know why in a second. It’s no wonder the die-hard fans of the Minecraft genre are so excited. Unlike Minecraft which is centered around destroying blocks, crafting and building blocks, Minecraft dungeon is an isomeric  RPG dungeon crawler game where players freely explore the randomly-generated Minecraft world that houses randomly generated monsters, treasures, traps and easy to solve puzzles. Mojan even had the foresight to include the multiplayer option. It wouldn’t be fit to be called an adventure if you explored alone, would it?

Unlike other RPG games that offer players the chance to win more potent weaponry once they’ve improved upon their status quo, Minecraft dungeon offers a classless system of gameplay. In other words, you can use any weapon of choice once you’ve looted it without question. Examples of weapons you can find in your inventory are swords, arrows, enchantments, potions, totems, just to mention a few.  With such a powerful inventory you’ve basically gotten all you need to embark on a monster-killing Minecraft adventure. You aren’t restricted in weapons combination either. So if you wanted to conquer your enemies with a giant ax while wearing a healing mage, then, by all means, go for it without restraint.  Isn’t that great? You also earn currencies that can be used to unlock merchants later on as you progress in the game.

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Like most RPG games, there’s always a storyline; a reason for the hero to save the day and like many others, the story of Minecraft dungeon is no other than the all too familiar tale of good and evil. The main antagonist is the Arch-Illager who like many Hollywood villains had the unfortunate experience of being bullied and disliked by his kinsmen until he stumbled upon a powerful artifact that will enable him to enact his revenge. As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. He enacts his revenge unexpectedly ransacking the village with terror against all. The silver lining is, only you and your friends can save them and bring peace to the once peaceful village.

When is Minecraft Dungeon Coming out on PS4?

Following the news about the possibility of the new Minecraft dungeon game, several questions have probed the minds of fans. Amongst them being, “ What is Minecraft dungeon release date?”,  “When’s Minecraft dungeons release date Xbox one as well as gaming platforms like play station”. All these questions and more will be answered shortly because we’ve got the gist. Although the exact date is unclear, according to Microsoft, this beast of a game will be released in April 2020; which is just a few months away. It’ll probably sell for $20 or $30 depending on whether or not you’ll prefer a season pass for two seasons of DLC coupled with the bass game. So as it stands, it’s still unclear on the exact date when Minecraft dungeon will be released on gaming platforms like Xbox, and Playstation, just to mention a few. Then again you can always sign up for updates on the official website so you get to be one of the first people to play once it’s released.

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When asked about the amount of work that went into creating Minecraft dungeon, the executive producer David Nisshagen had this to say while giving a demonstration of the gameplay. “Oh, there’s a lot of work because it’s easy to make everything procedure-generated. That’s fairly easy, but then it becomes really boring. So we set up handcrafted beautiful tiles with interesting gameplay, which we put together in random order and filled them with big random things. So it offers a good middle ground so it doesn’t get boring” This goes to show just a hint of the amount of word, dedication, and consideration that has gone into developing this game. And if Mojan’s reputation is anything to behold, then you’ll definitely not be disappointed once it’s released. Suffice to say, they’ve held the uncontested position as best game sellers for years so why stop now.

As mentioned earlier, the much-anticipated season of Call of Duty League would start in January with a “Launch Weekend”.

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