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Mafia 4: Release Date

Author: Ivanna Shostak
16 December 2019, 18:21
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Many gamers are still impressed by a series of open-world games about the dangerous mafia. That is why a large number of fans are looking forward to the release of Mafia 4, which is dedicated to this topic. Login Casino team has tried to find out all the latest Mafia 4 news.

Mafia 4: Release Date

It is worth noting that the previous game of the series was developed by the Hangar 13 studio. The company appeared back in 2014 as a subsidiary of 2K Games.

Since the founding of the Hangar 13 game studio, the company’s chief executive has been Hayden Blackman, who previously worked as a creative director of LucasArts. The chief of the subsidiary company said that his team would develop versions of the game for all platforms.

The end of July 2015 was notable for the fact that the first Hangar 13 game, Mafia III, was announced. The organization worked on the project with the support of 2K Czech. As a result, users were able to see the ready product on October 7, 2016. Adventure action was released immediately for a few platforms: PC and Xbox One. Besides, PS 4 Mafia 4 will also be available.

The third part of the series conveyed all the moments and the spirit of the criminal world quite realistically and truthfully. Therefore, many gamers want to find out more about Mafia 4.

As is already known, Mafia 4 is likely to be announced next year but the game will be released only in 2021 on PC and next-generation consoles.

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Mafia 4 PS4

Despite the fact that the game has not been released yet, the part of the series will have even stricter requirements regarding the characteristics of users' computers. Thus, in Mafia 4, the system requirements on the PC will be as follows:

Mafia 4 PS4

As mentioned earlier, the Mafia 4 PS4 release date is likely to be 2021.

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Mafia 4 game

A lot of information has appeared on the Internet, which makes it possible to find out more about Mafia 4 PC.

The company Take-Two Interactive has recently registered three trademarks that are connected with the Mafia franchise. Two of them directly point to Mafia and differ only in the font. Despite the secret information about one trademark, we can conclude that registration of several trademarks indicates that one of them will be connected with a new game.

The company also demonstrated the new logo of the studio, and perhaps this is another hint that they will soon announce a new project, which will be either Mafia 4 or an update of the previous version of Mafia 2 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

Besides, earlier, on the popular Reddit forum, a user under the nickname TheTruthTeller1985 with reference to three sources – the two former employees of Hangar 13 and a journalist – shared insider information about the unannounced Mafia 4 PC game. It is still unclear whether these rumors are true or do not coincide with reality at all.

According to the source, the Hangar 13 studio has opened a new unit, which is engaged in developing Mafia 4 and is already working closely on the game. The actions of the new part of the popular franchise will unfold in Las Vegas in the 1970s, and the main character will be an unnamed Italian character. In the game Mafia 4, it will be also possible to see Vito, the main protagonist of the game Mafia 2 and one of the key characters of Mafia 3.

It is also reported that the events of the game will unfold in a large time period in the enormous world. There will be no repeating tasks, the goal of the game will be to build your criminal empire, and everything will start with a small Italian family of the protagonist.

The project will be created on an updated version of the engine for Mafia 3. The developers improved optimization and promise a minimum of bugs in the game. The source says that the company took into account the big problems of the third part and is doing everything to prevent similar situations in the future.

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Mafia 4 game

Photo source:

It should be noted that those who decided to buy Mafia 3 massively complained about numerous bugs and shortcomings of the game. Many of them were not satisfied with blurry textures, unrealistic physics and simply the absence of a special atmosphere that was in the previous parts. A lot of game bugs looked really scary: people randomly disappeared and appeared, characters got stuck in textures, various vehicles for no reason started to soar into the air or fall underground, reflections in mirrors and ponds did not correspond to those whom they belonged to and so on.

Therefore, we can only hope that all the shortcomings of the previous game will be taken into account by the developers, and the future novelty will have much better quality.

As mentioned earlier, The Game Awards 2019 was held in order to give prizes to the best representatives of the field. The event was also remarkable for a number of announcements of new video games.

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