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Live Dealer Games: Types and Special Features

Author: Catherine Lysenko
30 July 2019, 08:07
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Today online gambling is regulated in many countries, including some former CIS territories. In Ukraine sports poker has recently been legalized, like in Belarus. Nowadays even poker tournaments are conducted in live casinos. This article outlines the main features of this gambling phenomenon.

Live Dealer Games

Online casino’s main disadvantage was the absence of gambling atmosphere. But this problem was solved when foreign online casinos, whose operation in the Russian Federation is prohibited, started using live dealers. 

Playing casino games with a real dealer is substantially different from the usual online casino gambling. The player is communicating with a real person, live dealer, who shuffles and deals out the cards in real time.

Live Casino: Types of Games

There are several most famous live casino games: baccarat, blackjack and live roulette. Some operators widen their portfolio of games for live casinos and include variations of Casino Hold’em, Sic Bo and three-card poker.

Let’s look into the most essential details about each of the abovementioned games.

Live Roulette

The creators of live roulette provide the users with high-tech solutions for expanding the viewing angle. One more characteristic – the game process is really fast and dealer is not taking part in it. The special feature – additional bets on classic slot symbols. The possible limit in a live roulette is much higher than in any other game with a real dealer or in the online casino. Bets in live casinos start from 10 pence.

Live Blackjack

This game variation can also be played with a real live dealer. Some casinos offer additional bets. For instance, passive bet behind, with the help of which users can play on behalf of others.

Live Blackjack has much higher limits for the game than its regular versions. Some operators offer the highest one – £10 000. The minimum bet is usually about £1.

Baccarat with a Live Dealer

Baccarat is less popular than blackjack or roulette, that is why there are usually fewer tables in this game. The USA market is still looking forward to the emergence of skill games, including those in the form of baccarat, which could become an additional tool for attracting millenials.

Many casinos offer a set of additional bets, including bets on pairs as well as on all types of cards. The lowest bet is £1. Some live dealer casinos set the minimum one at £10.

Baccarat with a Live Dealer

Casino Hold’em – Variation for Live Casino

In recent years one of the most popular types of poker, Casino Hold’em, has become a special feature of a big number of platforms. This game version is a variation of Texas Hold’em, where players compete not with each other, but with the dealer. Live version is no different from the usual game and there is no limit for the number of players. The game starts with an initial bet, after which two cards are dealt to the opponents and three community cards are put face up on the table.

Three-card Poker

Three-card Poker is a relatively new card game – it was invented in 1994. Unlike other variations of poker, where five cards are used, each poker combination here consists of three cards. There are no community cards in this game. Player’s three cards compete only with live dealer’s three-card combination. Since there are fewer cards in one combination, the chance to create certain combinations differs from other poker games.

Sic Bo

This game requires three dice and a board. Two most popular live casino bets here are a small and a big one. Players bet that total sum on three dice will be either small (from four to ten) or big (from eleven to seventeen) with 1:1 payout rate. One can also bet on the total sum of dice, certain numbers combinations, etc.

If the game is played with a live casino dealer, all the three dice are placed under a big glass dome. The dealer presses the button and the dice start shuffling at random. A few seconds later dice stop and the player receives the price of the winning combination. Currently this game is available only in several casinos.


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