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GTA Online Casino

Author: Ivanna Shostak
21 December 2019, 15:39
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Grand Theft Auto Online casino is a high-grade gambling establishment that appeared in the well-known game at the end of July this year and became extremely popular among gamers.

GTA Online Casino

However, after some time, the players faced an unexpected situation: many of them could not enjoy the new game mode due to the fact that it violates the laws on gambling in some jurisdictions. Thus, it was blocked in more than fifty countries of the world. At the same time, in countries where gambling is prohibited at the legislative level, this function was initially limited by the game developer - Rockstar Games.

GTA Online casino update

Afterwards, Rockstar Games developers announced that on December 12, Grand Theft Auto Online players would get the opportunity to rob the Diamond Casino. According to the developers, this would be the most complicated crime in the history of Los Santos.

One of your casino missions in GTA Online will be to try to regain control of the Diamond Casino & Resort after the Duggan family captured it. You will be assisted by Georgina Cheng, the VP of Cheng Holdings, whose aim is to take revenge after the Duggans took the resort from her brother Tao and the Triads. Besides, do not forget that if you want to play at real gambling establishment – you need to visit This is an amazing virtual casino with diverse bonuses for players and high-quality software that ensures security, stability and reliability of its work.

GTA Online Diamond Casino

Are you ready to commit the most exciting robbery? To do this successfully, you will need a headquarters, a team and appropriate equipment. Fortunately, Leicester has already found you the perfect shelter. Meet him at Mirror Park, and then buy a game room.

This place will become your new source of income: just place a couple of slot machines with classic video games there and seek assistance from one man recommended by Leicester who wants to break into the gaming industry. It should be noted that nowadays, virtual gambling establishments are becoming more and more popular. If you want to familiarize yourself with this industry – you should visit This casino is considered by many one of the best due to variety of its options, professional and qualified support service and the fact that tournaments and promotions are drawn here on a regular basis.

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In the underground shelter of your game room, there are three planning boards, room for the extracted vehicles and other equipment, which is necessary for the upcoming robbery. In addition, here you and your partners can practice opening safes and breaking electronic locks. During the preparatory tasks, you will have the opportunity to take a number of additional measures: say, document different approaches to the goal, disrupt the supply of equipment or get information about security systems from a former friend who used to work in a casino. Such actions open up new ways for you to enter the casino and new ways to escape, for example, using diverse tricks.

It should be noted that with the release of the update, new GTA Online casino cars will appear in the game. Therefore, you will get access to a wide selection of new products, including five cars designed specifically for robbery.

It is also important to wisely approach the selection of partners. Leicester knows a lot of people in the criminal world so he might help you find a driver, a shooter and a hacker. If you have enough money, you can hire real professionals. The list of partners available to you depends, among other things, on who you have already faced in the course of your criminal adventures.

In the GTA Online casino DLC, there are entertainments for every taste. Play roulette, blackjack or three-card poker. There also twelve slot machines where, in addition to chips, it is possible to win special prizes, including exclusive items of clothing. Participate in a small race in Inside Track or cheer with your friends for your favorite horse in the main race. In addition, once a day, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune for free: this is your chance to win one of the many different awards, be it GTA $, exclusive discounts, clothes or even an upscale vehicle displayed on a rotating pedestal in the lobby (every week, a new model is offered). You can read more about the rules and restrictions on the Rockstar support site.

Probably, many players have already heard about the GTA Online casino glitch, which gives gamers the opportunity to bet low but win a lot of cash. Information on this glitch can be easily found on the Internet. However, we would not recommend you to approach this since there is a high probability that you will lose your chips or even have your account banned.

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It is possible to get a standard membership in the Diamond Casino hotel for GTA $500. You will receive a gift set of five thousand chips, and a number of activities and casino offers will be available to you, including valet parking. For all casino visitors (including those who have registered membership), the cashier will give out a thousand chips on the house daily.

A casino store offers a regularly updated assortment of carefully selected items of clothing, accessories and works of art. These items can be purchased for chips. Whatever you are looking for – here you will find what you need.

The panoramic pool on the terrace, which offers stunning views of the city, is just one of the reasons why the basic penthouse deserves the title of the most luxurious apartment in the world. In the GTA V Online casino update, your room has a number of improvements: a relaxation area, a media room, a spa, a bar, a lounge, a private croupier, an office, a guest bedroom and a garage. If desired, you can change the color palette and design. You can also hang abstract paintings purchased in a casino store on the walls and place intriguing sculptures in the most prominent places so that guests who come to you would be surprised by your cultural sophistication. You can arrange newly purchased accessories in rooms on your own using the "Manage penthouse" function in the interaction menu.

When you buy a penthouse, you are assigned the status of a VIP member, which is associated with a number of special features, such as free valet parking, champagne and limousine service, as well as an aviation agent and access to high-stakes gaming tables and VIP zones. In addition, you can complete some story missions for the joint passage and carry out the tasks of the casino in free mode.

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GTA Online casino missions

According to the GTA 5 Online casino guide, in the game, there are six the most important Access Points. They are:

  • Main Door

You just need to take a photo of this location.

  • Side Door 1

You have to walk around to the back side of the gambling esatblishment, not far from the yellow bollards. Afterwards, it is necessary to take a photo of a door with a keypad for this Access Point.

  • Sewer Tunnel

You need to go to a storm drain that is near the casino. There, at the end of the drain, there is a side exit that goes underground. Thus, go to the underground tunnel. You will notice soon a metal grate on the right hand side, which you have to take a photo of.

  • Roof Terrace

Use the elevator in order to reach this important GTA Online casino location. After the cut-scene with the celebrity, go down the side stairs that are behind the bar. At the bottom of the stairs, there is a door, which should be photographed for the Access Point.

  • Security Tunnel

Behind the gambling establishment, if you follow the small road, it leads into a tunnel and then you reach the racetrack.

  • Roof

In order to get to the roof, use the elevator inside the casino. Exiting from the elevator, take a photo of the immediate area. That is the roof access point.

All other Access Points are optional.

As mentioned earlier, according to the developer’s announcement, the Call of Duty League season would start on January 24.

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