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Ghost of Tsushima PS4

Author: Hanna Nagrebelna
17 October 2019, 09:50
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The world of computer games is waiting for the release of the new adventure action game whose plot takes place in Japan in the second part of the XII century. The island of Tsushima is conquered by Mongols headed by their cruel leader Khan. The samurai intend to liberate their homeland of the invasion of unwanted and bloodthirsty guests.

Ghost of Tsushima PS4

The main hero of PS4 Ghost of Tsushima is Jin – a brave, careful and experienced samurai.

The game with an open world is full of realistic landscapes as well as weapons, special equipment and buildings of that time. According to the game developers, Sucker Punch Productions, the gameplay is unique from the mathematical point of view.

Ghost of Tsushima release

In 2017, during the Paris Games Week, the interested audience for the first time found out about the game being developed. However, the Ghost of Tsushima release date PS4 has not been announced yet. The only thing the developers shared was that they had already come close to the fixed version and soon they would be ready to present the final edition.

The plot of the video dedicated to a small part of the gameplay, which is publicly available, is very intriguing since the life of the Japanese samurai is a special topic not only in the warriors’ motherland but in the global culture of martial arts as well.

Ghost of Tsushima release date PS4

There are rumours that the final version of the video game is to be released in February 2020 at the PlayStation Meeting 2020. However, its creators are persistently keeping it secret and refuse to comment the information that has leaked to the mass media resources. Besides, this is not only about the official release date of PS4 the Ghost of Tsushima but about the strategy of the game as well, since the number of Mongol invaders if obviously bigger, therefore, will have to demonstrate both agility and tactical skills.

Ghost of Tsushima review

Feudal Japan adds mystery and specific identity to the gameplay. Since the technical features are still unknown, the only thing that can be discussed now is its visual component. As soon as other details become available, the Login Casino editorial staff will prepare the Ghost of Tsushima PS4 review. Follow our news in order not to miss the most interesting stuff about this and other favourite games.

On our website, you will be able to read the most interesting details, updates and events connected with videogames and eSports.

Ghost of Tsushima news

While waiting for the much-anticipated gameplay to appear on the open market, fans are actively discussing special features of this videogame as well as new nuances that can pretty seldom be found in mass media. Ghost of Tsushima ps4 exclusive for PlayStation, therefore such a high level of interest is quite obvious.

To what extent the developers will meet gamblers’ expectations remains to be seen very soon. Judging from the preparations and increasingly frequent cases of insider information leakage – it won’t take long.

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