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GG Poker Case: Innovative Poker Room that Became a Brand

Author: Catherine Lysenko
2 September 2020, 17:13
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According to the latest news, poker continues to gain momentum, attracting more and more people who want to try their skills in card games. GG Poker is one of the best online services where they can do it.

GG Poker Case: Innovative Poker Room that Became a Brand

GG Poker is a part of GG Network that has established itself as an iGaming brand. Its legality, perfect reputation, and exclusive promotions allow it to acquire and retain thousands of players. The company is growing tremendously and has already reached the top of the poker market.

GG Poker network: from a usual website to the leading brand

Being GG Network’s project, GG Poker started its way as a usual gambling website. Its launch took place in Asia in 2014. However, the primary focus on the Asian market didn’t prevent the brand from its further expansion to other regions. In three years, the poker room also entered the European market and began its development stage there. Great Britain became the network’s establishment country. That is why it has got a UKGC license, although the UK has strict regulations as gambling in Europe requires. It means that the service complies with all high standards set by the European legislation.

GG Poker became a gambling brand thanks to a number of promotion campaigns held by its owners. The network constantly collaborates with streamers and celebrities to establish its social media presence. It partners with many poker stars, for example, one of them is Daniel Negreanu.

In addition to this, GG Poker announced its partnership with the WSOP, and it became a new chapter in the brand’s history. The poker room has got global recognition and showed its level. Being the platform for the WSOP competitions already two times, GG Poker could allow poker professionals not only from the US but also from other countries to participate in matches and win huge prizes.

The first collaboration – $100 million guaranteed WSOP Super Circuit Series on GGPoker – became a success as it got the reputation as the second biggest tournament in terms of prizes. The prize pool was 134 million dollars. This partnership was an effective promotion channel for GG Poker, as the brand started to attract players by offering them an opportunity to take part in the prestigious WSOP events. However, the WSOP benefited much from the collaboration as well because GG Poker was a reliable platform that helped to organize such a huge event.

gg poker

With this in mind, the fact that the poker room has promoted itself in the gambling market quite fast doesn’t seem very surprising. The project used all available opportunities to collaborate with gambling brands and celebrities, which allowed it to have a strong presence in the poker vertical.

What makes the poker room better than its competitors?

In addition to successful marketing strategies, the network has been constantly implementing new technologies and improving its gambling products and services. As GG Poker is a part of GG Network, it has inherited much from its parent company, for example, a great focus on innovations. That is why the poker service has unique software, based on UX design. Its main aim is to make playing an entertaining process without extra complexity.

To consider the network’s software in more detail, let’s use its PokerCraft product as an example. It undoubtedly attracts users extremely and generates much revenue for the company as it is very helpful. PokerCraft allows players to control their journey from the beginning until the end. Users can replay matches, as well as filter games and analyze them regardless of their duration. After a player completes the match, it is added to a special database. This feature is very useful for those players who want to improve their skills as they can view their games from various angles. Only several online casino software provides have such well-thought-out features oriented towards post-game tracking. Other popular GG Poker features are:

  • SnapCam – allows users to record videos;
  • Staking Platform – players can sell or buy actions;
  • Smart HUD – allows users to analyze their rivals’ performance;
  • Smart Betting – a product developed especially for playing on smartphones;
  • All-in Insurance – players can buy insurance, which will help to avoid some risks;
  • Card Squeeze – makes card squeeze.

gg poker bonus code

Not only advanced software but also lucrative offers make the network more interesting for players when they choose a gambling platform from an extensive list. GG Poker is famous for its bonuses and promotions, and it stands out from the competitors because of them. What is more interesting, the poker room has segmented players by dividing them into professional and recreational to offer them different bonuses. Segmentation of the audience for rewarding always produces better results because companies meet the needs of a certain group of players.

GG Poker: UK’s and European players’ favorite iGaming brand

GG Poker is among the most reputable and reliable poker rooms in the European gambling market. For many poker players, the game is associated only with this platform as it offers exciting tournaments with huge prizes.

GG Poker has the following products on its website:

  • Standard cash games, such as Texas hold 'em, 6+ Short Deck, Omaha.
  • Exclusive games: All-in or Fold, Rush and Cash, Spin, and Gold.

Moreover, the network provides a great variety of tournaments that will fit every taste. Poker players can choose between professional competitions and light versions. In general, all standard tournaments are divided into eight types:

  1. guaranteed;
  2. freezeout;
  3. progressive bounty;
  4. rebuy matches;
  5. turbo;
  6. satellites;
  7. private;
  8. shootout.

Tournament winners can withdraw their money easily because GG Poker partners with approximately 250 payment systems, and it ensures fast and secure payments. Usually, 24 hours are enough to process a withdrawal request.

Of course, traffic is important for those who play poker as it influences tournaments significantly. GG Poker has a constantly increasing pool of players that is why it holds so many competitions without any obstacle. According to recent data, almost ten thousand users can be online on the GG Poker website during peak hours. The everyday number of active users who play for real money is one thousand on average.

gg poker network

The network is very customer-oriented, so it provides such perks to its users as Bitcoin payments, live chat support, and convenient mobile application.

GG Poker bonus code and other promotions that attract players

As has been already mentioned, the poker room has a great variety of bonuses. The first one is a welcome bonus and it is given to every new player who creates an account in the network. To get it, a user needs to apply the “NEWBONUS” code, or the “POKERNEWS” code if he or she wants to receive a no-deposit bonus. In addition to this, GG Poker has prepared a special promotion for newcomers called “Honeymoon”. It allows new users to get rewards for completed tasks.

The platform offers interesting and useful promotions even after the registration. For instance, users can collect certain card combinations and win a jackpot, or participate in daily matches, which provide an opportunity to win a part of a huge prize pool. The WSOP fans can try promotions connected with the tournament. They can get tickets to the WSOP matches.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get ID verified by GG Poker?

The verification lasts 72 hours.

Is GG Poker trustworthy?

GGPoker is trustworthy because it is licensed.

Does the GG Network poker site allow US players?

GG Network isn’t available in the US.


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