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Essential Guide to Soccerway

Author: Catherine Lysenko
24 September 2020, 17:34
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According to recent news about the betting industry, this gambling sector remains one of the most profitable. Bettors continue to wager on sports and use services that help them with this.

Essential Guide to Soccerway

Soccerway is one of the platforms that provide useful information for bettors. It is focused on football and includes valuable data that sports fans usually search for. This website is extremely popular in many countries worldwide as it has several localizations and even supports dialects. The level of its usefulness for bettors is obvious: the database consists of the most sought football statistics and information.

Soccerway – top-tier website with football betting data

Soccerway was created in 1994 and became a pioneer in the vertical of football data. Its parent company is DAZN Group – a sports media giant based in Great Britain. Being a part of a huge informational sports resource, Soccerway couldn’t help becoming the leading soccer-oriented database. Now, its revenue is estimated at seventy-six million dollars.

As has been mentioned above, Soccerway is considered to have the biggest amount of data related to the football world: from the ranking of the highest-paid soccer players to detailed statistics on all matches in a wide range of countries.

At the current time, the website has an astonishing product library: it encompasses approximately one thousand football championships and leagues from more than 130 countries. Of course, these figures sound impressive. Especially, for bettors who understand that it is a rich repository of information.

So, what data can a user find on the Socccerway website? Here is the list of the most important categories in its menu:

  • Fixtures – it is a schedule with a calendar where a player can choose a necessary date, and see what time the match will start. It is worth mentioning that this schedule contains hundreds of football events across the globe.
  • Competitions – in this section of the website, bettors will find many categories, such as domestic clubs, international teams, youth, and national. By reference to the section’s name, it includes information about competitions for every club.


  • Teams – it is another useful section that will help bettors to gain knowledge about various football clubs. This page has the list of countries where a user chooses the state, then the division, and, finally, the club. He or she will be redirected to the page with the data about it.
  • Players – if bettors want to know more about certain footballers, this section is what they need. They need to choose the league and team in the dropdown menu and will see the list of players. Players’ parameters, including weight, height, nationality, etc. are provided there.

In addition to this information, Soccerway also provides matches results and information about transfers as well as the table with the most expensive transfers.

However, it isn’t the only functionality and features that the website has. It is full of advantages, which can simplify the wagering process significantly. For example, Socerway offers an extensive list of tools for the creation of an accurate football match prognosis. In addition to a standard set of data, bettors can also find out about injured footballers, the results of the previous five games, the club’s position in the tournament ranking. It includes referees’ profiles where users can read about all yellow and red cards.

Moreover, Soccerway provides valuable reports and overviews of the previous competition. They contain a detailed description of matches, including goals, scorers’ names, substitutions, etc. The website has infographics with statistics on all shots and goals. This knowledge helps users to make betting on sports less risky but more successful and profitable.

In general, the platform’s interface is very user-friendly. It has many clickable elements – links that redirect bettors to additional categories. Website visitors can sort data as well. The focus only on soccer allowed the website developers to categorize it appropriately and cover all important leagues and tournaments. Its simple design and intuitive interface make it attractive for users who want to get information fast and have everything at hand.

Soccerway’s case: the creation of a unique offer


According to the mentioned above advantages, it is clear why Soccerway is so popular in many countries around the globe. However, the website is a ready product now. What lays behind it?

If to consider this service from the business point of view, the first thing to mention is the creation of a unique product. Of course, Soccerway wasn’t the only website of such format. At the same time, it includes many features that aren’t available on other similar online services.

Understanding the latest trends in the gambling and betting industries, Soccerway launched its application, which also helped the company to promote its services. Mobile gaming and wagering are becoming more and more popular, and the majority of users switch to this trend. It means that they prefer to place bets on sports on their smartphones. What is more important, they need a computer again to search for football statistics even when they use mobile betting apps. Soccerway has created the solution to this problem – its application with easy signin and signup processes and convenient interface and menu.

Soccerway app became an efficient promotion tool, as it appeared in the App Store and Google Play, users started to download it. It led to an increase in the number of a company’s clients. Moreover, the application has a wide range of features that attract bettors. For instance, the information about scored goals appears in real time immediately after the shot. In addition to this, users can enable alerts, which will pop up on their mobile phones when something happens to chosen teams or matches. It allows them to personalize their feed in the app that is also a unique feature.

Soccerway: Indonesia and other countries where the platform is popular

It is worth mentioning that Soccerway is a popular football database with users throughout the world. The website is available in several languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc.

So, let’s consider the regions where Soccerway is one of the most visited platforms. According to the website’s statistics, citizens of Great Britain, the United States, Spain, France, Indonesia frequently visit it. Other countries also have active users, but these five states generate the biggest amount of the overall traffic.

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Soccerway – UK’s number one stats service

Wagering on football in the UK is beyond the competition. It comprises forty-seven percent of the total betting market revenue (according to the data taken from the UK Gambling Commission’s reports). It isn’t surprising that football is extremely popular in Great Britain, as the Premier League is one of the most influential leagues in the world. However, it doesn’t mean that UK-based bettors wager only on the matches with their local teams. Spanish and Italian football clubs are also among their favorite bets.

Soccerway used this football trend in Great Britain to a full extent. As the demand for remote betting services continues to increase, football-related statistics are also in the list of search requests Internet users often make. Of course, this website isn’t the only service with such information available in the United Kingdom. At the same time, Soccerway has more advantages than its competitors.

Soccerway for Spanish bettors

As for Spain’s betting sector of the gambling industry, more than two million people like wagering in this country. Although only twenty-two percent of them prefer sports betting, it is still a significant number for this vertical. That is why the company has taken into consideration the Spanish market as one of its main directions. It is needless to say that football is the national obsession in Spain, and this peculiarity of the country’s culture works for betting services providers’ benefits.

Bet365 mobile app is the most used application for wagering on football but it doesn’t include such detailed data on matches as Soccerway has. This is the major reason why the website has easily become the number one service for football-related information in this state. – website’s success in Indonesia

soccerway indonesia

Soccerway’s Indonesian website deserves individual attention because it is another excellent example of the successful market entry. Indonesian betting market, and the gambling industry in a whole, is quite a problematic area because, while other states are actively developing in this direction, this country does vice versa. Sportsbooks, as well as other types of gambling entertainment, are illegal in Indonesia. It is caused by the fact that its population includes a great number of Muslim people. Strict religious limitations made wagering on sports a taboo.

However, it doesn’t prevent Indonesian players from being interested in soccer and willing to bet on this type of sport. Soccerway has taken advantage of this opportunity and provided Indonesian football fans with all the necessary statistics. The company doesn’t breach the law as it doesn’t provide bookmaking products, but it benefits from users’ interest in what is happening in the football world.

Soccerway is a perfect example of how a company can occupy a specific niche and become a top-tier platform there. Its main strong point is a wide range of localizations and the focus on unique features that other similar companies lack.

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