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Crysis 4 Release Date – When to Expect? (Updated in 2021)

Author: Catherine Lysenko
5 April 2021, 16:58
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The first three versions of the game from Electronic Arts and Crytek belong to the “action” genre. Each of them is distinguished by non-linear gameplay where the gamer can choose any scenario and tasks that are necessary to be completed. Nevertheless, the storyline is clear and consistent.

Crysis 4 release date – when to expect?

When is Crysis 4 coming? There is no definite answer to this question yet. It is also unlikely that the developers will refuse to work carefully and in detail on the weapons that can be modernized in real-time.

Some players suppose that the game is just about to be released since Crytek has already mentioned working on a new project. The developers are definitely not going to move away from their branded style. There are hardly any stories about some company specializing in first-person shooters that has suddenly switched to strategies.

Besides, the official advertising trailer of the CryEngine5.6 by Crytek includes many references to the Crisis 4 game: tropical jungles, the name – Prophet, the sound of the nanosuit masking, etc. Moreover, according to the information on the Internet, Crytek is cooperating with Improbable Studios whose specialization is the creation and development of Spatial OS software. This soft is responsible for simulating conditions, actions and events and is designed for generating a fully convincing virtual reality.

Innovations in Crysis 4 PS4

The main focus in the game is likely to be shifted to multiplayer, therefore the gamers will be able to meet online. This information was revealed by Cevat Yerli, though it was nothing more but a hint. He expressed his interest in F2P, which raises the question of switching to the online mode.

Anyway, Crysis 4 release date PC has not been announced yet but Cryptek is definitely working on something. All this time the company has been releasing shooters therefore if the fourth version of the game is released, it will definitely be as good as the previous parts. Crytek has launched seven games in total and all of them were aimed at the most popular platforms (PS4, PC, Xbox). What gamers should definitely be ready for – these are operational requirements. Crysis 4 pc requirements will be higher since the engine will be new, which means – more modern and updated.

Crysis 4 news and interviews

There is news about the interview Eurogamer has conducted with one of the studio’s founders. According to Cevat Yerli, the fourth part will have a new storyline. He claims that in spite of the fact that the plot and the story of the Prophet come to an end in the third part, Crysis 4 PC game will start a new story. Due to the fact that the storyline has been written from scratch, the title of the game will be different but the style and gameplay will remain the same.

Crysis 4 release date remains a secret. Experience suggests that developers are reluctant to announce the exact date of release. However, according to the game producer Michael Elliot Reed, the first three parts created a great base for inventing a new original plot for the next game.

Crysis 4 pc: where the developers sought inspiration

Back in 2010 Nathan Camarillo – executive producer of Crysis 2 – said that in case of financial success he was ready to continue working on Crysis and bring it up to the level of Call of Duty. For several years he has been claiming that the game’s potential is big enough to create its continuation in separate parts.

Besides, the recently published interview with the company representatives shows that they admire modern consoles and the possibilities of cloud storage due to which there is no need to make any additional downloads. There’s no guarantee that the game release is hampered by consoles whose technical features are lower than those of PC.

Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid 4 can be taken as an example due to the quality of detailed work on its atmosphere, gaming process, and individuality.

As mentioned earlier, the so much anticipated release of the Red Dead Redemption.

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